Monday, 15 April 2013

Trying something new

I think nesting has kicked in, because my brain has been in organisation and routine mode this past week. Some days I'm just too uncomfortable or tired to actually get into it, but today has been awesome so far!

My pretty new organizational board :)

Over the weekend Matt and I went out to staples and got me a nice big bulletin/white board for the kitchen. It really helps me to organise my thoughts, keep track of what I want to accomplish and help me stay on task. I love to check things off a list!
This morning I've already dusted, washed diapers, folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen and did a half an hour of focused learning time at the table with Noah. He really seemed to enjoy it! Its something I hope to stick with once the baby comes. It'll ensure that Noah is still getting concentrated mommy time and he so loves to learn! We did puzzles, colouring, animal flash cards and this little fine motors activity book. I was such a proud mommy because he successfully clipped in the buckle page. I could tell he was proud of himself too because he had a huge smile afterwards. Yay for learning! By the way, if anyone has some other suggestions for toddler learning activities I'd love to hear them :)


He is also getting to an age where he can actually participate in whatever chore I'm doing which is very helpful. Before it was a matter of how long I could distract him while I quickly rush to get something done. Today he sat on the bed and 'helped' me with laundry while we had a conversation about what clothes belonged to whom. It was so nice! I find myself cherishing those little moments with him right now, because soon enough it won't just be the two of us at home during the day. I'm sure I'll miss him!

There are still a few things I'd like to accomplish before this baby shows up. Every few months I like to clean out and reorganise my kitchen cupboards, so that's on my list to do. I'd also like to do a good bathroom cupboard clean up, organisation and hopefully install the childproof locks like we did in the kitchen. A clothing clean up would be good too. Put away all my winter maternity clothes and maybe pull out my regular spring/summer clothes in preparation for postpartum. Lots hope the weight comes off as easily as last time!

 Definitely going to need my husbands help with a lot of these tasks as bending is kind of difficult. Usually he's a fairly willing participant thankfully ;)

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day!

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