Monday, 30 May 2011

Post doctor update

I have had many people talking to me about my last blog entry so I thought I would give you all an update on my decision and what the action plan is.

I went in to see my family doctor and told him how I felt about this other practitioner, so we will be going with the prenatal doctor rotation at the hospital. I will have to see them at the hospital every other week for check ups but will continue to get care from my current doctor in between.  The only bummer is that the rotation is made up of about 10 doctors and the lady I didnt like is one of them. But what are the chances I will get her for my delievery? Not all that high I figure. If I do get her, she'll only really be there when the baby is ready to come out so I think I can deal with that. Praying for a super nice nurse :)

On a happier note, I passed my gestational diabetes test! I was really worried Id have to go back for the 3 hour test and I really didnt want to drink that disgusting stuff again; so this was great news! On the downside, my iron levels are too low and I have to go on supplements. Hopefully that will give me an added boost of energy because a woman on maternity leave shouldnt as as tired as I have been. I also need to eat more because I keep gaining weight and then losing it. My doctor wants me to gain at least another 10-12 pounds. Apperently a diet consisiting of mainly fruit isnt enough (but its so tasty!!!)

And now, just because its fun, here is some info on where Noah should be at right now:
"By this time, your baby's crown-to-rump length is a little over 10.8 inches and the total length of your baby is about 17 inches! Your baby weighs about 3 pounds now. Your uterus can be felt about 4 inches above your bellybutton. Even though your baby is cushioned by the amniotic fluid, she can feel and respond to pain. Your baby now does `practice breathing` to get ready for life outside of your womb. If your baby swallows amniotic fluid down the wrong passage, she will still get hiccups that are noticeable by you. If your baby were born at this time, she would be able to keep herself warm."

And here is what I can tell you from what the doctor has said and what I am aware of.:
Noah has been in a head down position for over a month now. We figure he will probably stay there until its time to deliever which is great news because he more then likely wont become breeched. He is on my left side with his knees by my left rib and pointing down towards my belly button and feet up in the right side of my ribcage (yes, ouch!) He gets hiccups at least 3 times a day, usually twice in the morning and once at night. He almost always responds to music, especially if its got a good beat to it. He has also started responding to Matts voice when he comes in the room which is super cute. His most active time of day is between 6am-12pm. And then again from 8pm-10pm. Size wise the doctor believes he is right on track for growth :)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Delievery doctors.

I have the most wonderful family Doctor in the world. Seriously. Ive been with him since I was about 12 and trust his judgment on pretty much everything. The sucky thing is that about a year ago he stopped delievering babies in the hospital because he wanted to spend more time with his family. Fair enough and totally understandable, but it kind of makes me wish I had gotten married and started having kids earlier just so he could be my delievery Doctor. And yes, I did try to convince him to deliever another (my) baby 'just one last time.'
A little while back we were going over options for who would deliever our baby and it was basically one of the on shift doctors at the hospital, or he could send me to another doctor that he knew. Thinking it would be nice to see a familiar face at the hospital, Matt and I went to meet this other doctor. She is obviously very qualified and experienced... she has been working as a surgeon for over 25 years! But her bed side manner? Yeah, she didnt have any. She kind of reminded me of Christina Yang from Greys Anatomy; except at least on that show you know she has an emotional side. When I mentioned things my awesome doctor had said about my pregnancy she would respond with, "Yes well, I go by science and facts." Not exactly heart warming stuff. To be honest Im not even sure she really looked me in the eyes for the whole appointment. Her office was also a complete mess and it looked like the garbage hadnt been changed in about a week. After she checked our babies heartbeat with the doppler she handed me a paper towel and told me to wipe myself up. Uh. hello? I havent been able to SEE that area of my body in about a month. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who immediatly came over and helped me. I love him.
After leaving the appointment I was okay as long as I reminded myself that she wasnt my regular doctor and was just going to deliever my baby. But the more I thought about what had happened the more uncomforable I became. So after chatting with my husband, mother and dreaming about what my delievery might be like with her, we've decided to take the on shift doctor at the hospital. I know tons of woman who delievered that way without any problems. Plus, the prospect of going back to see that woman every week or two for the next 10 weeks isnt very appealing!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beach day

We were a little skeptical as to whether we'd actually get to spend the holiday weekend at the beach since the forecast seemed to change daily from showers to sun, but thankfully it pulled through for us and we got in our first beach day of the season! We chose Crescent for its more low key vibe and tasty gelato and it did not dissapoint. The morning started out a little cold and cloudy but it quickly turned into a warm and sunny day which resulted in many a sunburn (sneaky UV rays!) Matt is sporting a lovely mask of red across his face and my right leg brings back memories of my post cruise burns. Despite our initial plans of only spending a couple hours there we didnt leave until late afternoon. We were with great friends and had tons of food and sunshine... why would we want to leave?

My love and I :)

Lorelai loving the beach

Yeah... my husband is a goof. Thats my sweater.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Oh the cravings!

I use to brag to people that I havent really craved anything except fruit for this whole pregnancy. Its been great because its kept me right on track for weight gain without much concern. Those words are coming back to haunt me now. During the past couple of days my wants (and by wants, I mean desperate must have or Ill be grumpy needs) seem to have kicked in. Still no weird stuff... but I am definitely craving sweet things. Reeses pieces cookies, penny candies from the corner store, pepsi/coke, lattes from Starbucks... these are just a few of the items at the top of my list right now. I seem to be able to pick up on the slightest sweet auroma in the air. In fact, while riding in the ambulance the other day (sciatic spasm - thats a whole nother story) and in a great deal of pain, I turned to the paramedic and informed her that the vehicle smelled of ice cream. She said that was one of the funniest comments shed ever heard in the ambulance and that I was 'such a pregnant woman.' I guess now I really am going to have to be careful - only 12 more pounds to spare!!!
So uh... anyone want to go to Starbucks?

Friday, 20 May 2011

My ever growing belly

I have been pretty hard on myself when it comes to gaining weight in this pregnancy. I seem to have this overwhelming fear of gaining too much weight and not being able to lose it afterwards. Everytime I go to my Dr. I ask him how I am doing and he says I am right on track so far. Right on track with 18 pounds at 29 weeks. YIKES. I am told that its just baby weight - better be! **backtrack to my previous post and my jogging stroller**
At Costco this morning I saw a woman who was carrying straight out in front. When she turned her back to me you couldnt even tell she was pregnant. Oh the jealousy. I am carrying low and wide, which apperently is great to avoid stretch marks and distributes weight better. But still, Itd be nice to not look pregnant from every angle. Turns out she was only 2 weeks ahead of me and carrying a girl. We figure maybe our difference had something to do with the genders of our children since we are opposite. We'll see.
Anyways, heres a photo from this week. Dont mind the puffy face - havent been sleeping so well.

29 weeks

The overwhelmingness of being prepared for baby

I must admit, I was much more stressed over these kind of things before I went on maternity leave. However, I still find it totally overwhelming to make decisions on what I need to do and purchase before this little guy arrives.
My mother was gracious enough to buy me "What to Expect: Year 1" which has a complete list of what I will need (things I would never have thought of may I add.) Of course after going through this list and highlighting all the essentials it brought one word to mind: CHA-CHING. Praise the Lord I am having two showers next month - that ought to lighten the spending load.

As I mentioned, we have made progress in the past week, mostly due to the help of my mother. Matt and I have been staring at diaper shelves for the past month not knowing where to begin. But my wonderful momma showed up at my place a few days ago with a bag which included some newborn onesies, baby soap and a pack of newborn diapers. Phew, at least we have diapers for the first 3 or 4 days now.

Gracco Trekker Stroller Orbit

She also took me out to Babies R Us today to try out strollers in person and after handling a few I have made my decision! First of all - jogging stroller it is! I have been interested in one from the beginning since I love going for walks in Tynehead and I wanted something that could go on the track across the street from our place. We also have big plans to camp and I want something with decent rubber wheels. So, after trying to manuever a few in the store, the Gracco Trekko Orbit was hands down the winner. This baby is super light, collapses nice and small and can be turned 360 degrees with one finger. Love it.

Matt has also been hard at work on Noahs room. Matt bought a closet organizer and set it up so that we utilize that space more. I mean his clothes are pretty tiny, he doesnt need all that hanging space. Now we have a few additional hanging places aswell as shelves.
We decided to be complicated and not just paint his room one colour. The top 3/4 of the walls are a baby blue and the bottom is white. We also decided to add a white trim all around the border to seperate the colours. Its really starting to look great and I am eager to move all the furniture back into position so I can stare at it dreamily. His bedding is the 'monkey time' theme. We also hope to get the matching curtains and wall appliques to pull the look together. I made the mistake of telling people we were going with a monkey theme room and I now have this fear of him being overwhelmed with monkeys for the rest of his young life. Its NOT a theme... but his bedding pattern haha.          

Monkey Time
Matts parents bought us the first big baby purchase - a beautiful crib. So thankful to them for that. We also have wonderful friends who had a baby in August of last year and have lent us a few essentials items like a Chicco carseat and a baby swing. I am so thankful that we dont have to add that stuff to the list of things we need! These babies are expensive! And yes, I know, this is just the beginning.

I will leave you with a few photos of Matt hard at work in the babies nursery.

First layer of paint for the top

Help from Papa putting on the trim

Trim just needs to be painted

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My sad attempt at blogging...

So this is not the first time I have attempted a blog... or the second. In fact, I think this may be the third or fourth time I have tried to keep up with one of those things. I just always end up feeling like I have nothing of importance to say. But I figure with me being on maternity leave now and waiting for the arrival of our first child I may have a few more things to talk about. Here goes nothing...

A little update on our life right now. We recently bought our first home; a townhouse located in the Surrey area. Matt is working as a mechanical Engineer in Langley and I just went on maternity leave from my job working in Special Education. I am 29 weeks pregnant with our first child - a boy, who we have named Noah Benjamin. I am on leave earlier then originally planned due to our little ones favorite position in which his head is resting on my sciatic nerve. It usually acts up during the night which keeps me from getting very much sleep. Thanks to being off work though, I can sleep when I need to, aswell get off my feet and change positions when he hits the nerve. My Dr. has given me permission to tell people that my child is 'already getting on my nerves.' My doctor is the best :)

I am starting to get pretty anxious for this little guys arrival. I actually get jealous when I hear of other friends who have delievered their babies already. Not because I want Noah to come out before hes ready, but just because I want to be able to see his face and snuggle him! It wouldnt suck to be done being pregnant either... haha. I keep watching these TLC baby shows and I cry EVERY time. A little emotionally charged right now.

At the risk of rambling on about nothing I will wrap it up here.

- Carolyn

PS - A big congrats goes out to Lael and Steve and the arrival of their little boy Jacob last night!!!