Sunday, 31 July 2011


So I had (as the nurse at the hospital calls it) 'early labour' for the THIRD time today. I am not talking braxton hicks here ... which is where your belly practices tightening and releasing (and doesnt hurt may I add.)I woke up at 2am having contractions that lasted until 830 this morning and were 5 minutes apart. It was mostly concentrated in my back and down my legs and it was definitely at the point where it was getting quite painful. I was laying in bed PRAYING that the pain would get even more intense so that I could head to the hospital and get things going. So not normal - how often do you actually pray for your pain to get worse? Because I am not due until next weekend, the nurse told me to take a warm bath to see if that would stop the contractions. If he was really determined to make his entrance today, nothing I did was going to stop him from coming she said. So I took my bath and they kept going while I was in there, but once I was out the contractions got much further apart and eventually stopped. The nurse told me how even if they do stall out thats its all good because the contractions are just getting his head into a better position. I dont see how he can possibly get into a better position then he already is without coming out!?

*sigh* Frustrating! I know that he is coming on Gods time and that His time will be perfect; but its frustrating thinking that you could possibly be done TODAY and having it stall out. It also doesnt help that every doctor I see seems to think I am doing to deliever early and so far, that hasnt played out. Next time Im just going to assume I will go late - I think that'll be easier on my brain.

And so... here I am in week 39... walking like I just got off a horse and having to get my husband to do more than ever. I am so thankful to have a man who is so understanding and supportive of every ache, pain and emotion I go through. Today he even gave me something (the William & Katie official wedding teacup) that he had special ordered from England as a "im proud of you" gift!

I am very blessed.

So this is what position our little guy is in right now - except that he is actually at '0' station (another 2 lines lower!) Ouchie.

Friday, 29 July 2011

39 Weeks.

Today marks 39 weeks pregnant. It makes my family doctors guess of me going into labour within the last two weeks officially wrong haha. Just goes to show, only God knows when this little guy is going to show up!

Ive been in 'early labour' twice now. First time, at 37 weeks, they believe it caused the baby to drop. Second time, which was on Sunday and lasted for over 8 hours with contractions 6 minutes apart, is probably when his head fully engaged.

I had my weekly appointment yesterday and had the most wonderful doctor at the prenatal clinic. Im seriously hoping I go into labour when she is on call because I would love her to do the delievery. She was really friendly,  funny and did such a thorough checkup. She offered to do an internal for me so I could find out exactly where I was at which I really appreciated. She could actually feel his head - thats how low he was! Totally explains why I havent been able to walk well or put my knees together for days now. Its crazy to me to think that she was actually touching him though! She said if he hasnt shown up by next week Wednesday she will do a membrane sweep to get things moving along for me. Both baby and I are healthy and she estimates that hes about 8 pounds now (YIKES!) She predicts he wont be here in the next day or two, but I am apperently doing very well for where I am at and shes thinking it'll be next week sometime.

Hopefully he does decide to come this next week... otherwise I am getting dangerously close to my friends wedding on the 13th of August (which I am suppose to be a bridesmaid for) Obviously, the most important thing is the health of our little guy and whatever happens happens - but it would be sad if I couldnt be a part of my long time friends special day.

38 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Its amazing how much the human body can stretch!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory
of our sweet baby cousin

July 25 2011 - July 25 2011

♥♥ So loved and so missed ♥♥


Friday, 22 July 2011

"Your baby is fully mature"

If you say that in a thick Chinese accent it becomes quite a funny line. Those were the words given to me by my prenatal Doctor at my check up yesterday and I enjoyed mimicking her for the rest of the day for a good laugh. Noah is still doing 'perfectly' and believed to be meausuring somewhere in the 7 pound mark.

Unfortunitly though, my prelabour seems to have stalled out for the time being. No contractions in the past 2 days or so. If I had known that what I was going through last week was early labour I would have tried to keep my contractions going somehow. Silly me - I was trying to stop whatever was going on! Now I am hoping to be one of those lucky woman whose water breaks so you know that its the real deal and that there is no going back. Wishful thinking?

Today marks the beginning of week 38 and I am feeling pretty good other then alot of pressure on my pelvis and a sore back. I actually had the energy over the past couple days to get some housework done, do some baking and wash and freeze ALOT of raspberries. Mmm I love fruit. At this point I am trying to not to think too much about when I will go into labour because it just drives me crazy. Hes going to be here in the next 3 weeks so it really isnt far away no matter when he comes. Its pretty bizarre to be looking at my calendar and thinking, "Hmm... we could potentially be taking the baby to that function!" Strange.

People are starting to give me prediction about when he will show up. My guess is (and has been for a while) July 29th. Thats a week from today. I think thatd be good.

37 Weeks & 5 Days

Friday, 15 July 2011

Pack your bags!

I have had a very interesting 48 hours.

I have been having braxton hicks contractions for well over a week now each day, but on Wednesday morning something changed. I was busy folding baby blankets and laundry after finally getting around to washing it all and I started getting contractions. I figured this was braxton hicks as usual, tried to ignore it and proceeded to go out with my dear cousin (who is only a few weeks behind me in her pregnancy) for coffee. The difference was that I felt like I was getting my period, which obviously wasnt happening. My legs just ached and I was cramping at the bottom of my belly. Towards the end of our coffee chit chat my lower back started to really bother me. It continued for about 3 hours with the contractions coming every 15-20 minutes. Then, just like that, they stopped (the contractions, not the back ache or menstrual like cramps)

430pm comes around and they start up again. Little more intense this time. I thought this was pretty weird so I decided to try some different things to make them stop (which is what is suppose to happen if its only braxton hicks) Bounced on my excercise ball for a while, walked around the house, laid down on the couch. Nothing stopped them. They went on for another 3 or 4 hours at about 15 minutes apart. This was getting tiring! In fact I went to bed early because I was so tired and I wasnt sure what was coming.

Woke up at midnight with all the same things but again, more intense then before. I was starting to wonder if this was it! I even put a towel underneath me while I tried to sleep just in case my water broke. Contractions were 10 minutes apart but I was so tired that I just drifted in and out of sleep for the 3 hours they lasted.

Woke up the next morning feeling fairly well rested and went to the spend the day with my momma who was going to take me to the doctors in the afternoon (she had come home from camping for the day just to make sure she wasnt going to miss anything.) I continued to have contractions in the morning and then again in the doctors office while waiting to be seen. Had a chat and check up with the doctor and after a fairly long appointment with alot of information here is what he said. "Are your bags packed? Your bags need to be packed and ready to go anytime." He says I have crossed over from braxton hicks to prelabour and am definitely having contractions. He figures I am probably around 1-2 cm dialated already and that the baby has dropped his head into the right spot. He did say that the prelabour can last quite a while - but that based on everything I should be delievering in the next two weeks. Oh, and I am measuring a week ahead at 38 weeks already. YIKES!

The news was a little overwhelming. I had mentally prepared myself to hear the Doctor say that it was just braxton hicks and to expect to go until my due date and stop complaining because it was going to be a while. But nope! Now Im just waiting around to see when this little guy decides to show up and PRAYING that the doctor is right :)

Monday, 11 July 2011


As far back as I can remember my family has always camped. Up until I was about 13 years old that was all we did for family vacations (thats all we could afford!) We never felt deprieved though and loved spending 2 weeks out in nature having campfires, going for bike rides, carving things out of wood and sleeping in our teeny tiny tent. In fact, we loved it so much that when my father asked us one year if wed like to go on our first family trip to Hawaii we actually responded by saying, "... we can still go camping though right?" We of course soon discovered how amazing Hawaii was too and have been going there regularly ever since.
My parents eventually traded in the tiny tenting days for a trailer with a bathroom and small kitchen. It took our camping to a whole other level, although we are not one of those families who bring tvs, stereos and other modern conveniences that you see some families using these days. We dont have electricity in the trailer and its by no means in great condition - but its cozy and I love sleeping inside of it when the weather turns bad.

This year I was unable to accompany my family camping for the week since it happens to fall in line with my 36/37 week of pregnancy. The concern wasnt me going into labour either, as where we camp is only about an hour from where we live (benefits of living near the mountains!) It was more so the fact that the beds arent super comfortable and the idea of me stumbling around in the dark every hour or two at night to find the bathroom wouldnt be appealing to the rest of the family. However, I really didnt want to miss out on camping this year so Matt and I decided to drive up just for the day on Saturday. We managed to pack lots of fun into our short 8 hours there. Played some of our favorite camping games, ate smores and other junk food and chatted around the campfire. And have you ever noticed how food always tastes better when eaten outside? It blows my mind how a food that just tastes 'ok' at home somehow tastes amazing when eaten in the great outdoors. The only downside to the day was my heavy belly causing some severe back pain. Pretty sure thats unavoidable at this point though. It was a great day though and we are hoping that if the weather stays good to head up again this coming Saturday.

Matt and I are already looking forward to taking our little guy camping next summer for a week. We have a spacious 5 person tent thats aching to be used aswell as a pretty blue camping stove. Cant wait to see our little guy running around in the dirt!

Heres a few pictures from our day on Saturady.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hello week 36!

Today I hit 36 weeks pregnant! I must say, its not as bad as I thought it would be. To be perfectly honest, I have felt better in the past week then I have at any other point in my third trimester. How great is that? Yes, I am very low on energy and am having a hard time moving around due to the size of my belly. Matt has been really great about picking up my slack though and putting in extra effort to help me out around the house. So appreciative of all he does everyday! Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?
I have also been getting Braxton Hicks contractions every evening for the past 4 days. They dont hurt too bad, just feel like the beginning of menstrual cramps. I usually just get about 3 of them and they are 15-17 minutes apart. It actually makes me a little excited when I get them because I know my body is 'practicing' for the big day. Its comforting to know that your body knows what to do.

The great news is that my sciatic pain has all but dissapeard this past week which is making all of the difference. Im wondering if Noah has just gotten too big to fit in that little spot where my sciatic nerve is. Whatever the reason, I am extremely thankful!

He is starting to feel pretty big and I dont understand how my belly could possibly stretch anymore. Everytime he stretches or moves a body part I can feel and see it. Its very strange to stare down at your belly and be able to say, "Oh look, there is his knee!"

My next doctors appointment is next week and I hear that is where they start checking to see if I am at all dialated or what not. Doesnt sound pleasant but I am still excited to hear where I am at. I also plan to ask my doctor for a new prediction on his size. Hopefully he is still holding to that whole 'you wont be having a 9 or 10 pounder' theory. We shall see!