Saturday, 27 April 2013

How low can you go

Holy moly... this baby is so low now that I think he may just fall out.

I know I don't look my usual chipper self - but my energy is zero today!
So at Thursdays prenatal appointment my doctor asked me how I was feeling compared to last week. I told her I was actually feeling fantastic! I could breathe again, eat, the heartburn was at a minimum and I was sleeping more comfortably. She figured baby must have moved into a better position, since a lot of second babies don't actually drop till much closer to their delivery date. I laid down on the table and she began to measure my fundal height starting from the top. "Wow... where'd he go?" She said. Well, she confirmed our suspicions. Baby has dropped into my pelvis!

Thankfully I was still able to move fairly easily... that is until yesterday. My only guess is that sitting/bouncing on my yoga ball for a majority of the afternoon helped him move down more, because last night I seem to have dropped substantially lower. We went to Walmart to pick up a few of the last things we needed for the hospital bags (disposable newborn diapers for meconium poops, breast pads and what my husband calls 'industrial sized' panty liners) and walking was super difficult! I came home and got straight into the tub for a warm soak. When I got out and looked in the mirror I couldn't believe what my belly looked like. I could just see the outline of this baby hanging over my hip bones and my belly button was pointing downward. I don't remember ever having that with Noah!

I'm hoping this is a good sign that baby is getting good and ready earlier, but I'm trying not to tease myself. It could still be 5 weeks if they had to induce me. I'm eager for my 38 week appointment to find out if I'm dilated at all, cause based on how I'm feeling right now I don't see him staying in too much past my due date.

PS - A big congrats to our friends Jasmin and Kimbal on the arrival of their baby boy this morning! She had a successful vbac!!!

PPS - There are 4 of us girls due in the next 4 weeks now. I am super curious how it's all going to play out!!!

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