Tuesday, 23 April 2013


My heartburn has all but disappeared. I am able to actually eat a full meal. I'm sleeping fairly comfortably every night now. And most importantly, I can breathe!
All around I am just way more comfortable then I was, except for the constant urge to pee. My husband even commented that I looked lower and my mom said I look different. So I'm thinking this baby has dropped.

What do you think?

One week ago...
Sorry I'm facing different directions...

Today (35+5)
I know dropping doesn't necessarily mean anything. I dropped with Noah at 37 weeks and still didn't have him until almost 42. But I am hoping that by dropping almost two weeks earlier this time around that it will at least help me dilate sooner or cause my water to break or something. Between 39-40 weeks would be an ideal time to meet this baby!

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