Friday, 28 September 2012


Copied from Janelles blog

Reading: The Secret Garden. Classic!

Watching: The View. Jennifer Morrison from ONCE is going to be on :)

Listening: to Noah babbling in his crib upstairs.

Drinking: Water. Exciting eh?

Dreaming: about our vacation to Hawaii. Can't wait to see Noah splashing in the ocean and playing in the sand.

Thinking: the plane rides gonna suck.

Planning: what to pack!

Feeling: Tuckered out, blah.

Wishing: that Noah and I could have made it to Noah's Ark at the school today. This Momma just didn't have the energy!

Creating: my packing list.

Hoping: that Noah will get his own seat on he plane, and that the turbulence keep to a minimum.

Smelling: laundry being washed.

Missing: my hubby. I love it when he's around.

Going: absolutely no where right now!

Discussing: what chore I should tackle next.

How about you? What are you currently up to? Paste your blog in the comments so I can read your 'Currently' too!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hubby has been working over time the last few days. I so appreciate how hard he works to support our little family and I love him for doing it. But boy do I miss him when he isn't here in the evenings.

Last night several girly friends came over and we watched a pre-Christmas movie, ate popcorn and painted our nails. I'm thankful for friends who at the last minute give up their evenings to keep me company.

Tonight, I'm cozied up on the couch with my favorite blanket made by my wonderful mother in law watching some X factor, all by my lonesome. After, I think I'll read some more of one of my favorite childhood stories, The Secret Garden. Oh, and of course take a few moments to stare at my adorable sleeping toddler. I am blessed.

Goodnight all!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Breaking a bad habit

I've been a nail biter for a long time. So long in fact that I can't even remember when I started. I do however, know where I got it from, or should I say whom.
Most people who bite their nails picked it up from a parent and in my case it was my father (thanks dad.)

I've successfully quit several times. The longest was a few months after I got engaged, since everyone was looking at my hands constantly to see the ring. I figured I'd better stick with it since short nails wouldn't look so nice in wedding pictures. I stopped for basically 2 years, even managing to resist the biting through my crazy wedding cancellation/re-plan at the last minute drama. That was pretty stressful so I was rather proud of myself.

Somewhere down the road I started biting again. It's not something I enjoy doing, despite what people think. It's really just a matter of me consciously thinking about it not doing it. I know it's ugly and unattractive but I just found it to be so much effort to stop.

About three weeks ago I quit again. My hubby keeps telling me I need to stop or else Noah will pick it up and this is something I definitely do not want to happen! So with that in mind I have been doing my best. One trick I've found is that if I keep some kind of polish on my nails it helps me to be aware of what I am doing. If I start bringing my fingers to my mouth and see something shiny or pink it triggers the 'oh yeah - don't' signal in my head.

I hate the effort of having to clean and polish my nails, but I must admit, it sure looks a lot prettier. Hubby once gave me the incentive that if I stop biting he will pay for me to go get my nails done every few weeks. That would be fun! I wonder if that offer still stands...

Monday, 24 September 2012


Ugh, lack of sleep is the worst.

I've been having a hard time sleeping lately. Just can't seem to get comfortable and find myself tossing and turning all night long. I think this has made me overtired which makes it even harder to get into a good sleep pattern.

Last night I finally found myself drifting into a deep sleep only to be awoken by my toddler crying from his crib. By the time I got to his bed his cries had elevated to screams and he clung to me and I could feel his wet tears all over my shoulder. Poor dear was popping yet another molar.

He settled down after the Tylenol kicked in but he then decided that he didn't want to go back to bed. He kept pointing to go downstairs but that wasn't about to happen at 3:30 in the morning. Hubby and I felt so bad for him that we took turns walking the upstairs hallway and reading him stories before eventually putting him back in bed. Pretty sure we fell back asleep before he did.

The positive of this story is that I got to sleep in until 8:30 this morning. Hubby however, did not.

I am greatly looking forward to our vacation that is happening oh so soon. We are sharing a 2 bedroom suite with my family, which means Noah will get in lots of Nana, Papa and Uncle time. He loves his family. And I love a bit of a break :)

Ps - here is a video of Noah from yesterday. Right now he is REALLY into his singing puppy that he got from his Nana last Christmas.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The later nap transition

Noah really likes his sleep. It wasn't until he was 8 months old that he really started sleeping through the night though (...and I'm sorry - I just can't consider it through the night until I am getting 7 or 8 straight hours in a row.)

Even after getting a full 12 hours of sleep and waking up around 6:30am, he was zonked and ready for bed by 9:30am. Problem was, he would sleep until maybe 11:30ish and then that was it for the day. This lead to full on melt downs by 4:00 in the afternoon and made me watch the clock tick down til my husband arrived to help me with him.

So over the past month or two we have been in the process of pushing his nap back, half an hour at a time. I am very happy to say that on average he now goes to bed around 11:30, sometimes even 12:00! He then sleeps for anywhere between two and three hours - bliss! It's especially nice for me because by that time I feel like I need some quiet down time for myself, where as at 9:30 in the morning I was usually just getting going on things.

This has also allowed us to push his bedtime back a little later. Before he was exhausted by 6:30pm and would basically go to bed right after dinner. Now we usually have a bit of time to play, have a bath or go for a walk before he goes down at 7:30.

We are heading to Hawaii very soon and I am a little curious how the three hour time change will affect him, but I'm hoping he will just be able to take naps in his stroller whenever need be and that we can stick to somewhat of a normal morning/evening schedule. We shall see.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

We have a walker!

You may be thinking, 'I thought Noah already was walking?"
Technically, he wasn't. He took his first steps at 11.5 months and continued to do three or four from time to time. But he had yet to actually get the confidence to walk everywhere, until about a week ago. He suddenly realized how much easier it was to simply walk on two feet and has been doing it ever since. Just in time for a nice long plane ride, yipee!

He loves to dance along with Ellen. No joke. He can't resist a good beat.
Alot of people told me that once he started walking it would be more difficult to watch him, but I would have to disagree. It doesn't seem any worse then crawling to me! Besides, the most annoying thing he does is go up our stairs, and that started looong before the walking. **Note to self... buy a second baby gate...** He has taken a few harder tumbles though as he has further to go. It really makes me realize how big my baby is seeing him on two feet instead of close to the ground.

Noah eats all big people food now! It is awesome!
With the help of my dad we installed childproof locks on all our downstairs cupboards and cabinets and that has definitely help with the 'oh no he has scissors' panic moments. We forgot to do them in the bathroom upstairs though and Noah has become very fond of both hubby and I's toothbrushes. And if anyone has an idea of how to keep a toddler from unrolling the toilet paper please send them my way.

Noah on Uncle Dougs bike. This scares me but it's still a cute shot.

Monday, 10 September 2012


Yeah, that's me. I'm not trying to start a pity party here claiming I have no talents. I think I do have a few things that I do very well, but as the ecard states, none of them generate income. Poor husband. I do however have great respect and admiration for people who have a hobby that they can turn into a business. I also like to help these people out where I can, as I genuinely love their products.

Christmas thoughts are worming there way into my brain. I know I know, it's early. But I am an organisational person who likes to plan things out and be prepared. I am also not one of those people who enjoy Christmas shopping in December. I do like to wander the mall, give Santa a wave and enjoy a gingerbread latte. But I do not like the lines or the crowds that one needs to fight to actually purchase items during that month.

So this year I have decided that I would like to try and help out some local businesses and friends by trying to buy some of my gifts through them. I am by no means committing to making all my holiday purchases this way, some items I can't afford or I just have no one to buy them for. But I definitely want to have a few home made gifts under our tree. I thought I'd share a few of the ones I like in case you were interested in doing the same.

Tender Tushies -
For any of you mommas who are into cloth diapering, these are a must. They are super affordable, well made and come in the cutest patterns. They also sell waterproof bags (for swim wear, soiled clothes, etc.), adorable leggings, nursing covers, etc.
Tender Tushies

                                          Hats for bratz -
This is a recent discovery of mine. My oh my these kits hats are adorable! You can purchase one of her popular patterns or have one custom made of whatever you want. Noah is getting a puppy one for Christmas.


                                                      Vintage baby emporium -
For all you with baby girls, this is the place to shop! My Aunt Helen makes the most beautiful baby wear with a vintage olden day charm. The attention to detail is remarkable and you will be hard pressed to find things like this elsewhere without paying through the nose for it.
Vintage Baby Emporium


                                     Macbibs -
Let's face it, bibs are ugly. And if you end up with a kid who drools an obscene amount like mine did does, then you have to put something on them or they soak through their entire outfit. But there is a cute solution! These fashionable bibs are hand made in Langley and look more like a part of their outfit then a drool catcher.

                                                      Kribby's Kreations -

A friend of mine who makes super cute hair pins, magnets and other little bits and bobs for purchase. Would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!
Kribby's Kreations

Queen Bee -

Well who doesn't like headbands on little girls? Oh how I pray to God to one day bless me with a little girly to 'frilly up.' So, if you are looking for some 'frillies' for your darling daughter, look no further. These are adooorable and would make a great gift!

Queen Bee

So there you have it. Those are just a few of the ones that came to my mind. If there are others out there who I failed to mention I apologize. Let me know because I'd love to add more to my list!

PS - I should also note that I stuck to businesses from which items can be bought and wrapped. I have many talented friends who do other things aswell (a few of which you can find blogs for to my right!)

Friday, 7 September 2012

Plane rides with a 1 year old

In a few short weeks we will be embarking on a 6 hour flight for a family vacation in Hawaii. Really, I should say 'extended' family as we are travelling as a group of 15 or so people. As much as I am looking forward to relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun poolside I am a little bit dreading the long plane ride.

We've flown with Noah before, back in March of this year. But that was a short 2.5 hour flight and our son was not yet mobile. Now he is a half walking, on the go, don't hold me down toddler who does not like to sit still.

Our flight there is an afternoon early evening time and our flight home is a red eye. I am hoping and praying he will sleep for a majority of one of those, but I'm certainly not going to assume it'll happen. He is really into air planes right now so I am hoping the fact that he is on one will prove to be some kind of entertainment. I am also planning to take advantage of Nana, Papa, both Uncles and anyone else who is willing to free up my arms on that plane for a bit (Friends - you have been warned!)

I am also trying to assemble a list of 'must have items' for the plane. So far I've been told stickers, snacks, colourful band aids, ipad movies and games, and colour wonder books. If anyone else has some suggestions please throw them my way.

Last time I chose not to 'drug' Noah as I don't like the idea of giving my kid medicine to keep him calm. However, he was really bothered by his ears popping on the last flight so I am considering giving him some Tylenol to help with that. Does that make me horrible?

Anyhow, as I said. Please send suggestions my way, I need them. And thank you to those who already sent some my way! It is greatly appreciated :)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Visit from a new friend

Noah had a special visit yesterday! We had some friends over from out of town and Noah was finally able to meet their little boy who is only a few months younger then he is. Noah tends to be surrounded by girls so it was nice to have a guy friend for a change.

They got along very well, although they both don't yet understand the concept of being gentle and not smacking each others faces constantly. Thankfully neither of them seemed too bothered by the constant smacks and pulls and had a great time!

Trying to get a picture of these two sitting together, not moving and smiling prooved to be impossible. Kids... what can you do.

Noah visits the zoo

Since Monday was a holiday and Matt was off work, we decided to take Noah to the zoo for the first time. The prices are a little outrageous but thankfully we had a buy one get one free from the Entertainment book and Noah is still free.

I think we made a mistake by waiting until after Noah's nap was over and heading out early afternoon. It was a hot day and it seems the animals agreed by taking shelter and not giving us the best view of them.

Noah's absolute favourite animals were the monkeys (surprise surprise.) We made sure we checked out their cages at the beginning and end of our visit.

Noah was also very interested in the camels and the zebras. The ostrich was cool too!

Noah eventually got sick of his stroller and decided walking was better. Let me just stress that although Noah can walk, he will only do it if hes distracted enough to not notice that hes doing it. Or if hes holding someones hand.

We spent about two and a half hours at the zoo before calling it a day and heading home. But not before stopping at Krause Brothers Farms to pick up some blueberries!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Noahs first haircut

I totally forgot to do a blog on this so I thought Id quickly share. Noah got his first haircut about a week ago!

I was at the salon getting highlights put in my hair and my hairdresser offered to do Noah's hair, free of charge. Pretty good considering the other kids cut places charge around $25 to do the same thing. So ridiculous.

His curls were getting so long that they were no longer curls and the top of his hair was getting super puffy so I glady took her up on the offer.

He still looks super cute but a little more grown up.


As I lay me down to sleep

So Noah has started doing this really cool and adorable thing this past week. Well, it may not be cool or adorable to you, but it certainly is to me.

When he gets tired and I don't pick up on it right away, he points. He will point to go upstairs to his bedroom and then he will point to his crib. I put him in and give him his favourite cozy star blanket, he smiles at me, and then that's that. No tears, no crying. He then drifts off to dream land.

I always thought kids hated going to bed. I thought they would force themselves to stay awake no matter how tired they were just so they didn't have to sleep.

Apparently not this little guy. He likes his sleep. And he likes his bed. And boy am I thankful for that!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

First signs of fall

Want to go for a fall drive?

I love the fall season.
Candles, boots, coloured leaves, roast beef dinners and all things pumpkin flavored. Yes, I will miss summer, but I am a true Vancouver girl. Im ready to do away with the shorts and get back into pants and comfy sweaters. Last week I even baked pumpkin scones. Twice!
Im seriously contemplating pulling out all my fall decorations and putting them up around my house. Perhaps this next week.

We did a bit of running around this morning and I got (on sale) an apple pie candle for my dining room table and nice jean jacket to complete my 'fall' look. Oh, and we got Noah his Halloween costume. He picked it himself at the store and despite my other plans for him, he is being a monster. He looks pretty stinking cute in it so I'm fine with it.

It does feel a little odd to start switching seasons considering we are taking off to Hawaii in a few weeks and will be right back to 30 degree weather. That and the fact that despite a few colder days last week we are still running around in shorts and tshirts.

Basically, I just wanted to share with you how excited I am that we are enterting the fall season!

PS - you DO know what comes shortly after fall right? And thats a whole other reason to get excited!