Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Toddler Noah update

I've had a few blog posts about different things pertaining to Noah in the last month or two, and I was given great advice by lots of you mommas who have been through such situations. So once again, THANK YOU and I thought I'd update a bit on how he is doing.

I was given so many different suggestions on this one and casually tried out a few. One thing is for sure, he is definitely not ready to give up his nap. The few times he didn't nap he was falling asleep around the house by 5:30pm (his stuffy chair, on the couch, behind his tool stand, etc.) So I went with the idea of pushing his nap back about an hour and so far that has been working awesome! He generally goes down now around 1:00pm with out any battle. Often he still doesn't fall asleep until closer to 1:30, but waking up around 3:00/3:30 seems to be perfect for him. He is generally falling asleep around 7:30/8:00pm for the night which is totally fine with us and has allowed us a bit more flexibility with our evening plans. He still wakes up in the mornings at the same time.

Potty Training
This was a no go. I was hesitant to try with the new baby coming soon anyways, so it wasn't a huge disappointment in my books. As good as he is about letting us know when he poops, and as much as he likes to sit on his toilet for fun, he was totally intimidated by doing so without his diaper on. Every time I tried it he began to cry and wanted to get off the potty ASAP. I took that as a clear sign that he just wasn't ready. No biggie, we'll try again a few months down the road.

Crib vs Toddler Bed
We've decided to keep Noah in his crib for another couple of months. We have a toddler bed for him in the garage a long with new bedding all ready to go, but decided to hold off. It's not that we don't think he could handle it. In fact, I'm pretty sure he could. It's more a decision hubby and I made for our own personal sanity. To be honest, we worried about the idea of Noah being woken up in the night from the baby crying and running to our room to 'join the party.' Then not only would we need to get the baby back to sleep, but also a toddler. Sleep is precious those first few months! We've got beautiful bassinet for baby Asher and my dad even made a more solid bottom for it so that we can use our angel care monitor in it. We are hoping to introduce the toddler bed around Noah's second birthday, which would be August.

So this is brand new. Noah has entered the fun and wonderful phase of tantrums! Over the past week or two he has started to drop to the ground and cry when he doesn't get his way. He doesn't pound his fists or kick his feet or anything like that; just drops and cries. Our system is to completely ignore the behaviour to show him that behaving like that won't get him his way. A few days ago he did some kind of bad behaviour that required him to apologise to me, which he does by giving momma or dada a hug and a kiss. He wouldn't do it and tried running to Matt for comfort. Instead, us parents joined forces and went and sat on the couch together and ignored him completely. Wow... did that make things interesting. Noah got so mad that daddy was on my side that he stood in one spot for 15 minutes and screamed and cried. We had never seen such a meltdown before from him. Once he had calmed down a bit I reminded him that he needed to apologise to me and he slowly walked over and gave me a hug. After that he wanted some snuggles from his dada and was a completely different child 5 minutes later.

He is generally a very happy and sweet boy! He loves to be around people, play with his blocks and cars, read and run around outside. I can't believe he will be two in only a few short months. Stop growing up so fast Noah! Oh how the time flies - we just love our little man.

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