Saturday, 13 April 2013

Better days!

I'm feeling a little better! Still large, still uncomfortable, but not in as much pain. I've discovered that a daily bath and rotating between walking around and sitting is the best way to avoid too much pelvic pain.
I am also trying to lift Noah as little as possible. My doctor told me months ago I shouldn't really be lifting a 30 pound toddler but seriously, not easy to avoid! My mother has also been helping me out a lot by coming over or having me over so that I'm not on the go as much. Matt's been great too once he's home from work, encouraging me to sit down more and concentrate on getting more calories into me. Im officially up 18 pounds now! I haven't been doing anything different, so Im assuming that this sudden poundage is just baby Asher starting to chub it up. If he continues at this rate ill probably gain close to the same amount of weight as I did with Noah, around 25 pounds. Oh, and I'm gettin new stretch marks now. Yippee... Haha.

I'm so curious as to how big he will be! He still seems to have a lot of room in there to flip and move around, so either I'm super stretched out on the inside or else he's smaller. I'm pretty sure he's head down today, but as I said in my last blog, his position has been changing every 12 hours or so. Who knows how he'll be positioned by tonight! They say by 34 weeks most babies have settled into a permanent position. This one certainly hasn't!

Labor and delivery has been on my brain a lot the last few days. I'm not freaking out about it yet. I feel confident in the decisions I've made and am okay with whatever has to be done to keep baby and I safe. I've done it before and I can do it again. I have faith that everything will be okay no matter how things go. Honestly the thing that worries me most is making sure that Noah is okay and taken care of. We have several wonderful friends who have offered to be on duty and I plan to leave it in Matt's hands to give them directions while we are at the hospital. What more can I do?

Anyways, I better wrap this up. I think I'm rambling a bit. I've got a few ladies coming over to talk diapers this afternoon so I better get prepared. Thanks for all your help promoting my site and giveaway by the way! You guys are so awesome!!!

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