Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Noah at 20 months

A lot of my other mommy blogger friends are so good about keeping track of where their children are at at different ages, but I've been terrible with that since Noah was around 6 months. But I want to be able to reflect back so I'm going to try a little harder from now on.

This month now will be 20 months old.

His favourite toys are:
- his tool bench
- his Little People farm
- his Cars set from Disneyland

Yes - that would be his Cars IN his farmhouse.

He loves:
- animals! At the moment his favourites are turtles and bears, but he knows all the major animal sounds from monkeys to lions to squirrels.
- planes, trains and automobiles. Yep, typical boy.
- babies! He loves to kiss, cuddle and basically smother them if we don't watch him.
- Pirates!
- to play pretend. He 'feeds' food to different stuffies and toys and will act like a dog crawling on the ground and drinking from a dish.
- to put on the LILO & Stitch soundtrack, wear his shell lei and dance around the kitchen
- bath time. He pretty much has one every day after his nap.

His favourite foods:
- cheese
- yogurt
- bananas
- tuna casserole
- chocolate!
- Cheerios

- he has a rather extensive vocabulary and has recently dropped a lot of his 'signs' for the real words.
- if we don't understand what he's saying he will grab us by the hand, shirt or pants and drag us to what he wants.
- he will usually tells us when he's pooped and needs to be changed.

His favourite characters:
- Curious George
- Luigi and Lightning McQueen from Cars

Noah and his Auntie Angele watching planes

- awake between 6am-7am but very good about staying in his bed until 715.
 - naps every afternoon from about 12-2
- goes to bed around 7pm

So there you have it. That is our little goober at 20 months. He is growing up so fast!

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