Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ultrasound results

Went in for my normal prenatal checkup this morning, assuming everything was totally fine because I didn't receive a phone call from the doctor saying they needed to see me.

Blood pressure was perfect, measuring perfect and his little heartbeat is fast and strong at 163 (we had another good laugh about people saying that means girl when everything clearly shows boy for us!) Ive gained a total of 10 pounds so far which means I can easily gain another 15 without concern. My thyroid was significantly lower then it should be so my synthroid dosage is being upped for the remainder of my pregnancy. Probably explains why I have been feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed this past week.

My doctor didn't have my ultrasound results as they had been sent to my family physician, but said she would have them faxed over and if there were an issue I'd get a call. As I was leaving and making my next appointment at reception, they received the fax and I was told I needed to go back in to talk them through. Ugh, that's a little worrisome I thought. They handed me my chart and told me to wait for my doctor to come back out.
So of course, I had to read it over and get what I could from that paper. I saw the words 'anterior placenta' written down and then something in the comments about kidneys. Everything else was checked off as normal.

I handed the chart to my doctor and the first thing she said was, 'Oh... I don't think this is an issue.' Basically, one of Asher's kidneys is showing a slight enlargement that can suggest renal pelvis dilation. Sometimes it can be a soft marker for a genetic disorder, but because I have none of the other symptoms they don't believe that is the case. If anything, it may mean that one of his kidneys has a harder time flushing out waste. My doctor believes that the reason for the enlargement is the fact that he is just a big boy (measuring in the 90th percentile, just like Noah did). It's also apparently a common thing to see in boys and will often correct itself before birth. However, just to be on the safe side, Asher will be having an ultrasound one week after he is born to make sure antibiotics aren't needed to flush out his system. So nothing major, but enough to make a mother worry a little bit. So prayers for this to correct itself or to turn out to just be a size issue would be greatly appreciated :)

The anterior placenta took me by surprise but is also said not to be a big deal, because thankfully it is not blocking my cervix. If it was it would mean automatic csection for me. So as long as it doesn't move, which we aren't anticipating, it should be fine. Asher is still comfy in his breech position but my doctor said we won't worry about that for another 9 weeks or so. She is very pro baby flipping methods so we will do whatever we can (within safety reasoning) to avoid a section.

It made me feel fairly calm that my doctor was so confident in my results and really isn't worried about any of those issues. But of course, being the hormonal pregnant woman I am I can't just totally forget about it either. So instead I am telling myself that for one, this ultrasound after birth is a GOOD thing because it means we will stay on top of any potential problems and be able to have them fixed. And two, my doctor is fully aware of any and everything going on with me and able to treat me to the best of her ability.
I am thankful for a medical system that is able to keep an eye on all these kind of things and treat me however necessary, without any cost to me financially. That is a blessing for sure!

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  1. Kai also had an enlarged renal pelvis and in the end, was just a big boy (9lbs 11oz) with no kidney problems. At the time I was a bit worried, but like you said, no other markers. We def. do have an amazing medical system!