Friday, 22 February 2013

Hello third trimester!

How am I feeling? Tired, emotional and a little achy. So pretty much normal for a pregnant woman haha. I haven't been sleeping well anymore, which I am convinced is Gods way of once again preparing me to be up with a baby every few hours. Days at home with my toddler are dragging a little bit and I find myself watching the clock for my husband to get home. I so enjoy our quiet evenings together.

I need to get around to my gestational diabetes test but its been hard to get up the motivation to drink that disgusting cocktail. Thankfully my doctor is super nice and is only sending me for the one hour vs the two. One of my good friends has to do it next week too so were hoping to go together to make it more enjoyable. Lets hope we both pass with flying colours!

I think baby Asher had moved into a different position in my belly. Not sure what position it is exactly but I am no longer feeling feet up by one side of my rib cage and a head on the other. I think he's up and down one way, just not sure what way it is.

In my previous blog I talked about getting a new more spacious diaper bag. Well, thanks to the help of a friend (Leanne, you are awesome!) I have got a juju be packabe on it's way to me! It has tons of room and is super cute. Best of all I got this $120 bag for $55 in near perfect condition. Score! Ill attach a picture on here somewhere.

Matt and I have been doing a lot of chatting this week about getting a van. We've been debating what to do about this for a while now. We could fit two kids in our current car, but it just wouldn't be comfortable. Throw in all the gear that kids require and it gets really tight. We've talked about getting an SUV too, but we just don't have the money for it and because he hope to have more then two kids we want sure it's much more practical. Last night we spent some time looking at older vans and I think that's what we are going to go for. It may not be the coolest vehicle on the planet, but we'll have oodles of space and it fits our budget comfortably.

Well, I better get some lunch out for Noah so that he can go down for his nap half an hour from now. I will then proceed to put my feet up for a good hour or so. Have a great weekend everyone!

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