Monday, 18 February 2013

A little of everything.

Happy Monday everyone!

I woke up this morning feeling fairly energized and ready to face the week ahead. Within half hour of being awake I sadly found myself over the sink and unable to hold down my breakfast. Not a great start, but this seems to be happening lately whenever I try to have a breakfast that involves bread of any kind. Very odd because I never had issues with throwing up after first trimester with Noah. Well, lesson learned, stick to cereal for the next few months. I felt fine once it was out of my system.

I think my new thyroid medication has kicked in, woo hoo! I got more done this morning then I probably did all last week. Laundry, dusting, diapers... I even cleaned out a bunch of things from Noahs closet and organized/put away all the clothes we have for little boy number 2! Early nesting maybe? I probably should slow it down for the rest of the day now or I will majorly pay for it come 3pm.

My tailbone is healing really well! I'm finally able to sit most places without that annoying donut pillow, just not for long periods of time and not with direct contact to the bone. I can lift Noah, change him and clean the house without much discomfort. Now it's just becoming more difficult with my ever growing belly haha.

Noah is a bit of a cranky pants this morning. For about a week he was waking up once a night and playing in his crib for an hour before falling back asleep. Now that he's back to sleeping through the night he is waking up by 630am and ready to go for the day. Thankfully he is quite content to be left in his crib until mommy and daddy drag themselves out of bed around 700.

We're looking forward to a visit with some friends in Arlington this coming week! We haven't been in ages and Noah has actually never met most of the people down there. We've tried to organize several trips down but somehow it just never worked out. Hopefully it will this time! Our insurance covers cross border trips until 34 weeks for me so we figured it's now or much later in the year once Asher has arrived. It's funny thinking about how much we'll need to pack just for one night away with a toddler. We seriously need a minivan...

Well, that's all that's on my brain for the moment. Hope you all have a wonderful day :)

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