Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Baby wearing?

I know I did a post that brought this up a while ago and I ended up with great advice for all you mommas out there. Thanks to your suggestions I ended up acquiring an ergo carrier for a fantastic price and I am super excited to use it with our second baby boy!

However, I still wonder if its something that will be better for outings like the mall or going on walks. What about for just around the house? I am constantly on the move with my first child and really don't anticipate that changing in the near future.

What I'm wondering is if I should be looking to purchase a moby wrap or one other kind of wrap so that I can baby wear around the house? I like the idea of keeping him close to me while I'm going from floor to floor (we own a townhouse) as opposed to sticking him in a bouncer or pack n play when I need hands free.

Suggestions? Advice? Anyone have experience using these? I don't want to spend unnecessary money.

Thanks in advance :)

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