Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I had a great sleep last night - finally! I think I only woke up twice to pee, which in itself is a miracle. Noah hasn't been in a fantastic mood the past 24 hours but I think he is still catching up from his lack of sleep weekend. Hoping his current nap lasts more then 1.5 hours.

I got my Moby wrap today! I tried it on when I got home from woman's Bible study and it was super easy to put on. My only problem was trying to figure out how to get it to fit my more snuggly around my waist, but then my mother pointed out it was probably due to my large baby belly haha. I'll keep practising before Asher gets here,  but she is more then likely right. Can't wait to try it out with a baby. Maybe one of my girlfriends will let me experiment with their babies this Friday ;)

Speaking of belly... here's the latest shot of mine.

Whoa momma. And you all thought I was looking small the other day ;)
Pretty sure I only look small when I wear a black tshirt haha.
Tomorrow morning I am going for my glucose intolerance test or whatever it is called. It'll be gross and it'll be boring. I always fear that maybe I actually have gestational diabetes, as there is no way to tell before the test apparently. I don't know what I would do if I had to cut out fruit from my diet, I love it way too much.
Not else much to report on my end. Life is busy with Noah, play dates, church activities, cloth diapers and trying to keep the house clean and dinner made. It can get a bit overwhelming at times but I am blessed to have an awesome husband who is great at helping me prioritise and calm me down.

... I think I hear Noah, awake after 1.5 hours. Off I go again! Hope you are all having a fantastic day :)


  1. Love your pink striped shirt!! Pregnant bellies always look so cute to me:)

  2. Looking good! Good news though! You do not have to cut out fruit from your diet if you have gestational diabetes. You still want to have at least 3-5 fruits a day. You don't want to cut out your simple sugars, just added sugars. I was right on the border for having it with Lexi so I had to comply withe the diet rules but didn't have to poke myself in the finger to test my blood.

    1. Oh that's good to know! Thanks Janelle!