Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Choosing a diaper bag for two (or should I say three...)

I really love my current diaper bag. It has a cute pattern, holds the basics and was around $30.00 off of Etsy. It's served us pretty well. It's not however a great diaper bag for a cloth diapering momma.

Cloth diapers are not as slim as disposables and I can really only fit about 3 of them in my bag along with a wipes case, a wetbag, my wallet, cell phone, and snack and drink for Noah. It came with a change pad in it and has two pockets on the outside, but is just one pouch inside. I've been recently running into the issue of not having enough room for Noah's essentials, forms of entertainment for him (books, toys, etc) as well as my essentials.

I could bring both a purse and a diaper bag, but it makes me feel like my arms are overloaded while trying to hang onto my child. Add to the mix that very soon we will have an infant with us as well who will require his own diapers, change of clothes, burp blankets, etc. *sigh* What's a momma to do?? (other then stay in the house all the time.)

Hubby and I have been really good lately about sticking to our monthly budget, and I feel a little guilty even thinking about the idea of getting a nice big diaper bag. I've been scouting craigslist and swap groups seeing if I could find a good one second hand but I'm a bit picky. I found one I love on amazon called the JuJu Be Packabe (see picture below.) Isn't it pretty!? But it's $100... Is any diaper bag really worth that much money? I've never been someone who buys expensive purses, shoes or clothes. It's just not where I've chosen to put my money. However, I never did end up picking out a birthday present after my cancelled weekend trip, so I'm tempted to use that as an excuse to get it. But I don't want to be selfish or ungrateful either.

What are my other cloth diapering mommas using for bags? Or does anyone have a JuJu Be that can give me pros vs cons? Any other suggestions?

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