Saturday, 1 September 2012

First signs of fall

Want to go for a fall drive?

I love the fall season.
Candles, boots, coloured leaves, roast beef dinners and all things pumpkin flavored. Yes, I will miss summer, but I am a true Vancouver girl. Im ready to do away with the shorts and get back into pants and comfy sweaters. Last week I even baked pumpkin scones. Twice!
Im seriously contemplating pulling out all my fall decorations and putting them up around my house. Perhaps this next week.

We did a bit of running around this morning and I got (on sale) an apple pie candle for my dining room table and nice jean jacket to complete my 'fall' look. Oh, and we got Noah his Halloween costume. He picked it himself at the store and despite my other plans for him, he is being a monster. He looks pretty stinking cute in it so I'm fine with it.

It does feel a little odd to start switching seasons considering we are taking off to Hawaii in a few weeks and will be right back to 30 degree weather. That and the fact that despite a few colder days last week we are still running around in shorts and tshirts.

Basically, I just wanted to share with you how excited I am that we are enterting the fall season!

PS - you DO know what comes shortly after fall right? And thats a whole other reason to get excited!

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