Friday, 7 September 2012

Plane rides with a 1 year old

In a few short weeks we will be embarking on a 6 hour flight for a family vacation in Hawaii. Really, I should say 'extended' family as we are travelling as a group of 15 or so people. As much as I am looking forward to relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun poolside I am a little bit dreading the long plane ride.

We've flown with Noah before, back in March of this year. But that was a short 2.5 hour flight and our son was not yet mobile. Now he is a half walking, on the go, don't hold me down toddler who does not like to sit still.

Our flight there is an afternoon early evening time and our flight home is a red eye. I am hoping and praying he will sleep for a majority of one of those, but I'm certainly not going to assume it'll happen. He is really into air planes right now so I am hoping the fact that he is on one will prove to be some kind of entertainment. I am also planning to take advantage of Nana, Papa, both Uncles and anyone else who is willing to free up my arms on that plane for a bit (Friends - you have been warned!)

I am also trying to assemble a list of 'must have items' for the plane. So far I've been told stickers, snacks, colourful band aids, ipad movies and games, and colour wonder books. If anyone else has some suggestions please throw them my way.

Last time I chose not to 'drug' Noah as I don't like the idea of giving my kid medicine to keep him calm. However, he was really bothered by his ears popping on the last flight so I am considering giving him some Tylenol to help with that. Does that make me horrible?

Anyhow, as I said. Please send suggestions my way, I need them. And thank you to those who already sent some my way! It is greatly appreciated :)

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