Sunday, 16 September 2012

We have a walker!

You may be thinking, 'I thought Noah already was walking?"
Technically, he wasn't. He took his first steps at 11.5 months and continued to do three or four from time to time. But he had yet to actually get the confidence to walk everywhere, until about a week ago. He suddenly realized how much easier it was to simply walk on two feet and has been doing it ever since. Just in time for a nice long plane ride, yipee!

He loves to dance along with Ellen. No joke. He can't resist a good beat.
Alot of people told me that once he started walking it would be more difficult to watch him, but I would have to disagree. It doesn't seem any worse then crawling to me! Besides, the most annoying thing he does is go up our stairs, and that started looong before the walking. **Note to self... buy a second baby gate...** He has taken a few harder tumbles though as he has further to go. It really makes me realize how big my baby is seeing him on two feet instead of close to the ground.

Noah eats all big people food now! It is awesome!
With the help of my dad we installed childproof locks on all our downstairs cupboards and cabinets and that has definitely help with the 'oh no he has scissors' panic moments. We forgot to do them in the bathroom upstairs though and Noah has become very fond of both hubby and I's toothbrushes. And if anyone has an idea of how to keep a toddler from unrolling the toilet paper please send them my way.

Noah on Uncle Dougs bike. This scares me but it's still a cute shot.

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