Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Reliving my teeny bopper past

I was a teeny bopper from about the age of 11-16. Hardcord teeny bopper. You could not see the walls of my room because they were so covered in posters from groups like Backstreet Boys, The Moffatts and my very favorite, Hanson.

Now as most girls seemed to have gotten over Hanson and moved on to Justin Timberlake, I stuck with them. I appreciated that they wrote their own songs and played multiple instruments each. Sure, alot of people made fun of them, but for the most part I didn't care, because the people making fun of them certainly couldn't do what they did.  Their music progressed, as did their (and my) age and became alot more mature. I loved it, and in my teens I had the privilege of seeing 'the boys' play live several times. One of those times, I got a special meet and greet pass before the show. They were super nice and it totally reinforced their reputation as 'good Christian' boys.

Me and the guys... back in the day.
Anyways, last night they played at the PNE here in Vancouver. They were just here in January (on my birthday no less!) but no one was available to go with me that night. So I was very excited to get a chance to see them with my neighbour and fellow fan.

We arrived a few hours before the show, got a good close spot and were in time to see them do an extensive sound check.

Two hours later it was showtime! They played for an hour and a half and covered a few oldies and many of their singles from more recent albums. I had an absolute blast and it reminded me of why I liked them so much in the first place. They sound just as good live as they do on CD, not something I can say about alot of concerts I have been to! When they sang some of their older songs I majorly flashed back to times with my friend and fellow 'bopper' Candice. Oh to be young again...

Here are a few shots from last night.

And so concludes my trip down memory lane... Goodtimes my friends. Goodtimes.

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