Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Breaking a bad habit

I've been a nail biter for a long time. So long in fact that I can't even remember when I started. I do however, know where I got it from, or should I say whom.
Most people who bite their nails picked it up from a parent and in my case it was my father (thanks dad.)

I've successfully quit several times. The longest was a few months after I got engaged, since everyone was looking at my hands constantly to see the ring. I figured I'd better stick with it since short nails wouldn't look so nice in wedding pictures. I stopped for basically 2 years, even managing to resist the biting through my crazy wedding cancellation/re-plan at the last minute drama. That was pretty stressful so I was rather proud of myself.

Somewhere down the road I started biting again. It's not something I enjoy doing, despite what people think. It's really just a matter of me consciously thinking about it not doing it. I know it's ugly and unattractive but I just found it to be so much effort to stop.

About three weeks ago I quit again. My hubby keeps telling me I need to stop or else Noah will pick it up and this is something I definitely do not want to happen! So with that in mind I have been doing my best. One trick I've found is that if I keep some kind of polish on my nails it helps me to be aware of what I am doing. If I start bringing my fingers to my mouth and see something shiny or pink it triggers the 'oh yeah - don't' signal in my head.

I hate the effort of having to clean and polish my nails, but I must admit, it sure looks a lot prettier. Hubby once gave me the incentive that if I stop biting he will pay for me to go get my nails done every few weeks. That would be fun! I wonder if that offer still stands...


  1. lol Carolyn.

    *goes to start biting nails*

    Oh! Pretty!

    *Doesn't bite them*

    Whatever works I guess :-)

  2. Way to make me sound like a dumb blonde Mike :p Thaaaanks haha.