Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nap skipper

Noah skipped his afternoon nap again today.
He does this every now and then. It seems that if he misses that sleepy window (between 1130-1230) he won't settle and just gets another wind of energy. He usually can last just fine until around 4:00 or 4:30 but then things go down hill fast.

Sundays we are at church until about 12:30. It's a struggle keeping him happy and occupied for several hours, especially when hes tired and eventually gets bored of the upstairs nursery. When he was a bit younger he would fall asleep in the crib there and it would make things super easy, but he won't do that now. Sunday mornings are exhausting for both mommy and Noah...

So today he yawned all the way home and through his quick lunch before we put him down around 1:30pm. He whined and fussed in his crib for an hour before we finally gave up and brought him down. He was a happy child, running around and laughing. We started making an early dinner around 4:45 and he began to completely fall apart. Matt and I couldn't help but laugh when he had a complete meltdown simply because he couldn't get a cracker into his mouth on a spoon. He wasn't angry, he just started crying his eyes out with his head thrown back. Poor goober...
I don't get it. Most children will just pass out on their parents or the floor or wherever when they get tired enough. But not Noah! He just gets more hyper or more emotional!

At 5:45 we carried him upstairs, read him a few stories and put him down for the night. So early I know but he passed out pretty quick, and really it's only an hour earlier then he usually goes down.
And now, Dada and Mama finally get a break. Ahh...

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