Friday, 29 March 2013

Finding choc choc & meeting the Easter bunny

We had an early start this morning. Noah was up by 630am and thanks to me and my recent pregnancy insomnia I decided to just get up and get going (and let daddy have a sleep in.) We planned to hit up a local community churches Easter celebrations later in the morning since we had no plans and thought it'd be fun.

Noah got to experience his first Easter egg hunt while there! I wasn't sure how well he'd understand, but within a minute of starting he knew exactly what to do. Find those bright coloured choc chocs and put them in his little bag!

After the hunt we enjoyed a pancake breakfast. Noah currently loves pancakes and oranges so the meal was a big hit with him. He even got to meet the Easter bunny! As soon as he saw him he got a huge smile on his face and started giggling like crazy. He gave him some high fives but wasn't too sure about standing alone with him. So dada jumped in for the picture.

He is now conked out upstairs for his nap and when he wakes up, we'll have a little reunion with his Nana & Papa who have been gone for two weeks. What an exciting day for a 1.5 year old!

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