Saturday, 16 March 2013

Into week 31

Friday marked the start of week 31 (or 30 +1) depending on how you count. So confusing to me still.
I'm tired and I have started to waddle. I'm finding it hard to be on my feet for too long without getting uncomfortable from the weight of the baby and carting Noah around has become almost impossible. Usually I can make him go up the stairs himself, but sometimes he likes to be stubborn and makes me carry him (usually around nap time.) Even lifting him up to put him on the change table is a challenge.
I'll go ahead and say it - I'm ready to no longer be pregnant! I miss going out for walks and pushing Noah in the stroller up a hill without pelvis pain. I miss having energy and being able to fit into regular clothes. I miss not peeing every 15 minutes haha.

The last few weeks I have been dealing with the added annoyance of third trimester vomiting. We are pretty sure it is tied to my prenatal supplements so after trying another brand and still having the nausea my doctor has pulled me off of them. This morning we went out to Costco and loaded up on iron rich and other super healthy foods for me to add to my diet. I'll go for another blood test in the next week or so and see how bad the anaemia is and make sure I'm getting enough.

Baby Asher is still head down, which is great news! My doctor said that if he is still head down at 34 weeks we should be good to go and can forget about worries of a csection. Yay! He is sending me for an ultrasound to double check that as well as to get a better view of Ashers kidneys. I think he is getting to be pretty big. Last night I watched what was either a knee or a foot moving all across my belly, sticking out here and there. He is favouring the left side of my body which doesn't surprise me because it's where Noah spent most of his time. It's probably pretty stretched out and roomy! If I try to sleep on my left (which is apparently the best position to sleep in) Asher will kick and punch me until I flip over to my right. Guess the kid knows what he likes already.

Well, I'm off to go put my feet up and enjoy what little is left of Noahs nap. I've got to cherish these last few weeks with one child. Pretty soon nap time will be filled with a second child! How exciting!

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