Monday, 25 March 2013

Homeschooling vs Private

Matt and I have discussed on and off for years what kind of education we want for our children. He grew up going to a public school, where as I attended a Christian school for all of but two years (I homeschooled for those other two.)
One thing we have already decided on for sure is that our kids will not be attending their local public school. We aren't at all judging those who choose to do so and I know there are some wonderful teachers in the public system, but it's just not what we want for our family. We don't like the politics involved nor the fact that any kind of Christian belief or celebration is being hindered more and more by our government.

Christian schooling is a wonderful option. I had nothing but positive experiences both attending and working at a private school and would love my children to be apart of that. There is a great sense of community and support in these schools that I haven't heard much about elsewhere. Their academic standings are also substantially higher then other schools which is a great help for kids looking towards post secondary. The problem? The cost... Ouchie. Anytime I look up tuition fees with my husband and we talk about it we think to ourselves, 'How can we ever afford that!?' Living in the Fraser Valley is already an expensive option for a family, so tacking on an extra 500+ a month to attend school is hard to comprehend. Yes, I understand it takes a sacrifice in other areas. But I honestly don't know how some people do it! At least not on one income...

So the other option is homeschooling. Matt and I always come back to the verse in the bible found in Proverbs 22:6 It says, "6Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." As parents it is OUR responsibility to teach our children, not the governments. God has left that in our hands. So should we be taking it on ourselves to ensure that our children are taught in all ways of life how we see fit?
I love the idea of teaching our children at home, I really do. My biggest worry is that I won't do a good job or that ill go crazy with the kids all day. And every time I look up information on getting started I find the process so overwhelming. My mom homeschooled my youngest brother for many many years and said it was absolutely no big deal. So perhaps I am over thinking it.
But it'd be super helpful to sit down with someone who does it full time and have it explained to me - or else even with one of the marking teachers from Heritage Or Regent Christian online. If anyone knows of something like this please let me know!

Anyways, those are just my thoughts today. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences as well. Would love to hear them :)

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  1. My friend is a mom of five who probably never thought she'd be homeschooling two, starting a third this September, and also having a 4 yr old and 9 mth old at home. She goes through Regent too and if you're wanting to have a chat with her about it, I'm sure she'd be more than willing to meet up :) You can message me on Facebook if you want her contact info.