Thursday, 7 March 2013

Head down?

Had my latest prenatal checkup this morning! We've been booking them for first thing in the morning so that I am the first appointment of the day (usually around 8:30am) This works out great for us because Matt can take Noah over to the McDonald's play place during my appointment and pick me up half an hour later. It makes it a lot easier since this way Matt misses minimal work. I go every two weeks now, which means I'm getting closer to delivery, yay!!!

I'm doing pretty good! My blood pressure is excellent, I passed my gestational diabetes test and they've recently upped my thyroid meds. During my GD test they also checked my iron levels which I failed. Not surprising as I was anemic with Noah. So they are sending me off to test that again just to make sure it wasn't a result of the fasting I had done. If I fail again ill go onto extra iron supplements. Not a big deal.

My doctor did a good feel of baby Asher's measurements and based on my paperwork of where I was with Noah at this point, she thinks this guy won't be as big! I'm not measuring as large nor have I gained as much weight. This could of course all change over the next 2 months if he starts really packing on the pounds, but she's predicting a nice 8 pounder. We'll see!

And now for the big question... Is he still breech? As I said, she did a very good feel of my belly and his positioning. As far as she can tell he is HEAD DOWN! Yippee!! She is not 100 percent certain, but believes that it's his butt that I've been feeling sticking up. It would also make sense since his hiccoughs have been low. Of course he could still flip around into another position and they will check again at my next appointment, but they think he'll be good to go. Best news I could ask for really.

She also brought about the renal dilation reflux thing again and assured me that she sees it all the time in boys and that she doesn't anticipate it being an issue at all. She said the last time she actually had a baby born with this kidney issue it was a girl and the measurements during the ultrasound were quite significant. She told me not to even give it a second thought, so that's comforting.

All in all a great checkup! I will be seeing my family doctor next week for a checkup since I haven't seen him since December. Noah will also be getting his 18 month shot at this time, and Matt's coming, so I can leave the room haha.


  1. I was told that Lincoln was going to be a small baby because I only gained 13 lbs in my whole pregnancy. But he was 7lbs 15 oz! I had gained 25 lbs with Lexi and she was 6lbs 12 oz so I am not sure that they truly can tell. I think my doctors have always been wrong:)

    1. Yeah I'm not holding out too much hope for that. If he's smaller great, but I had no problem delivering a 9 pounder last time so if he's bigger I'm sure ill be fine. They did guess between 9-10 last time so they have a good track record ;)