Thursday, 21 March 2013

A sunny Thursday

Not much to report over here. It's another beautiful spring day here in the lower mainland and Noah is suppose to be upstairs napping. However, he has decided that it's much more fun to play in his crib and throw his blankets and stuffies across the room. Certainly doesn't bother me any!

Had a quick prenatal check up this morning and baby Asher still seems to be doing well. Head down, measuring right on track and a heart beat of 145. We talked a little about my last delivery and I mentioned how I have a goal of pushing this guy out in 20 minutes. My doctor smiled and told me that if I could push out a posterior 9 pound baby in 40 minutes (Noah) then if all goes well I should be able to have this guy out in three pushes. How fantastic would that be!? Matt says I shouldn't get my hopes up but oh how nice that sounds! I also secretly hope baby comes earlier then my due date. Not much earlier, because I know he needs time to be just right. But anything after 39 weeks would be greatly appreciated!

My family has been on vacation for about a week now and I'm starting to miss my momma. We are use to talking/seeing each other every single day so It's hard when shes away for a long time. Even Noah has noticed her absence and has woken up a few mornings now asking about Nana. We've been having lots of skype visits with Grandmaman though which are enjoyable too! And we are looking forward to seeing her in a few months when she comes to visit!

Well, its been well over an hour now and the little guy is still chatting away in his crib. Perhaps it's time to check on him again. Hope everyones having a wonderful day :)

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