Monday, 21 January 2013

Week 23

I am now into my 23rd week of pregnancy. My What to Expect app lovingly reminded me that I have 17 weeks to go. Labour in 17 weeks? Eek, that suddenly seems soon! But I am getting pretty excited to meet this little guy.

Pregnancy wise I'm feeling pretty decent. I get the occasional heartburn or nausea but for the most part I'd say this pregnancy has been easier. This whole damaged tailbone this has been, well, a pain in the butt but that really could happen to anyone. I'm thankful that I am mobile and able to function, but sure do appreciate any help I can get with Noah. Oh, and my house is kind of a disaster at the moment. I'm trying to look past it.

I think Noah is going to be an awesome big brother. Like actually. This morning he came up to me and asked to see baby. He likes to lift up my shirt, touch my belly and smother it in kisses. How sweet is that for a 17 month old!? He is also very much into our friends babies right now. He likes to touch their hands and feet, bring them toys and give them kisses. I can't wait to see him with little Asher!

Speaking of Noah, he is turning into such a boy!!! I had plans to get a bedding set for him of Curious George but at the moment he is ALL about Cars. And I do mean the Disney version of cars. Matt bought him a Cars table set and toy shelf yesterday for his room and he loves it. I'm sitting here wondering what happened to my cutesy little monkey. Ah we'll, two boys in the house and another on the way. I am out numbered!

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