Saturday, 26 January 2013

No more egg allergy?

Could it be? Could it really be?

We very quickly found out once Noah started solids that he couldn't do eggs. Within a minute or so of eating them his face would break out in a horrible red rash. Sometimes it would spread down to his neck resulting in an uncomfortably itchy baby. We felt so bad for him and I struggled to come up with breakfast foods that he could eat without getting bored. It was also hard to eat eggs around him because he would want some.

He was diagnosed with an early childhood egg allergy but my doctor explained that because his reactions weren't severe (he could still breathe just fine) and because he could still eat things with fully cooked egg products in them, there was a decent chance he'd out grow it by two years of age.

The last time he had egg was in October while we were in Hawaii. It was in the form of salad dressing and sure enough, within a minute or two of tasting it he was getting red. Well, this morning, only 4 or so months later, I decided to feed him some of my breakfast (fried eggs and hash-browns.) Much to my surprise and excitement, NO rash! We cheered around the breakfast table and Noah rotated back and forth between daddy and I giving high fives and 'pound its.' I'm hoping this wasn't just a fluke incident so I plan on trying scrambled eggs in a few days again to check.

Here's hoping the allergy is history and we can enjoy eggs as a family :)

(You can see in this picture a horrible rash on his face after a breakout)

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