Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Turn baby turn!

Goober enjoying some piano time.
Pregnancy is still going good! I am starting to feel a little large and the requests have begun for back massages from my husband. The sleeping with a pillow to support my belly has started and thanks to my sore tailbone I am already waddling a bit. But this is all to be expected and I'm feeling well.

My only concern right now is little baby Ashers current position, which is breech. I know it's still early and he has lots of time to turn. But it was brought up during my ultrasound and It was the same during my 3D over a month earlier. I know he is still in that position now as all movement is very low in my belly. His bum is sitting right above my cervix and he seems quite comfortable there.

As I said, it's still early. I am in week 24 and he has another 10 weeks or so to turn before they would 'book' a csection for me and continue to monitor him. But just the fact that a csection has been mentioned and I have no control over his position has me nervous. Obviously I want what is best for him and for me and if that means we have to go that route then so be it. I can deal with 'surgery' and bring in help while I heal, but I do feel a little like I'd be 'robbed' of an experience by having a csection. I know I know, tons of woman have them all the time and have never experienced a vaginal delivery. As painful as labour is, it's also kind of a thrill when you have that moment of actually pushing a baby out and bringing them into the world. I'm scared to miss out on that moment with this one. And the other fear is that if I have a csection this time I know I'd be pushed to go for a csection for our third (but I'd want to go for a vbac!)

Don't worry, I am honestly not freaking out yet or all panicked. It's just on my brain and it's something I never expected to have to think about. I always assumed if I have a csection it'd be in the case of an emergency. It'd be so weird to walk into the hospital, not contracting, and to walk into a surgical room and come out with a baby an hour later.

Anyways, I am processing here and you just happen to be on the receiving end. Would love to hear some happy stories of babies who turned just in time or happy c section stories to give me hope if you've got em :)

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  1. YOu do have so much time, but I always like to think of all the possibilities too...:)

    My sister Maria's baby turned in the final week (week 39!) using acupuncture and laying on a homemade inversion table (plywood on angle against a couch), and her shining a flashlight etc. Lotsa tricks but it worked! It was her fourth so she was willing to do a breech birth as well as she knew she could get big headed babies out.