Saturday, 19 January 2013

Change in plans

This is so not how I saw this weekend playing out!

Today my hubby and I were meant to head off for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We had reservations at a nice hotel in Washington state, plans to meet up with a few friends and plans to check out a great buffet for dinner. My parents were even taking Noah the whole time so that we could enjoy a night away. We had big plans to sleep in and relax!

But alas, it was not meant to be.

Yesterday morning during a play group get together with some friends I ran upstairs to quickly change into a t-shirt. I had just recently commented to the girls how I felt like my belly was bigger today and was feeling a shift in my weight and balance. When I began to head back downstairs my feet didn't hit the second step and I basically fell down the length of the staircase. I hit several times on the way down, thankfully all on my back end and not at all on my front.

The initial fall scared me more then anything, as I worried about the baby growing inside of me. I quickly realized that my tail bone had taken the brunt of the fall and the baby was probably fine. It hurt pretty bad to move, so my hubby came home in case we needed to take me to get checked out. We called the maternity ward where I was registered and they told me they wanted me to come in and be monitored.

Within a few minutes of being at the hospital we could hear little Asher's heartbeat beating away nice and strong, a great relief to mommy and daddy. My doctor from the prenatal clinic happened to be working at the time and came to check me out. After examining my tail bone region, aka my butt she told me that I appeared to have a broken tailbone. She wouldn't do X-rays as it wasn't good for the baby and told me there really was no way to treat it other then rotating ice and heat. Only medications I could take was tylonal, which probably wouldn't do a whole lot. She said I'd know if it wasn't broken if I start feeling significantly better within a few days. Here's hoping but were not counting on it.

Thankfully I can walk as long as its done slowly. Bending, lifting or straining of any kind hurts quite a bit, so I'm quickly learning what I can and can't do. I can't sit unless it's for a short period of time and on my boppy breastfeeding pillow (you know the ones with a hole in the middle?) Usually I am on my side. I'm grateful that this happened yesterday so that Matt is around for the weekend to help with Noah. I'm hoping that I will be feeling at least a little better come Monday.

Last night I was feeling pretty frustrated and sad. Yeah, I had a bit of a pity party for myself. I was really looking forward to a weekend away with my husband. And even with the offer from him of doing whatever I wanted to celebrate instead, we couldn't come up with anything that I could physically do at the moment. So that really sucked.

But I am trying to look on the bright side! Little Asher is healthy, I'm able to at least walk, and my his and is home for the weekend! My tail bone WILL heal and I feel like I can handle the pain. Like I said before, obviously going away this weekend wasn't meant to be. And I trust that God has a reason for everything, even when it's not comfortable for me in the mean time.

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  1. I'm glad that Asher is okay!
    As for feeling sorry for yourself, I think it's okay for a bit! Gary and I once had a `romantic' weekend away and I popped out my rib in the first hour (trying on clothes). It was not enjoyable after that:( It is hard when as husband and wives of little ones, we don't get a lot of time with just the two of us!
    HOpe you feel so much better by Monday.