Friday, 25 January 2013

Feeling thankful

I'm feeling thankful today.

I had a good sleep last night and I think that put me into a positive mood (or maybe it was that cup of Kona coffee?)

I'm thankful for a wonderful husband who works hard every day to support our little family. He does so much for me that I really cant even begin to describe it all. he is unbelievable and I really am the luckiest girl alive to call him mine. I'm thankful that he had the opportunity to go to University and get a degree so that he could have the great job he has today. I'm also thankful that his place of work is only 15 minutes from our home. What a rare blessing in a large city like Vancouver!

Speaking of home, I'm thankful for our home. We own a townhouse, and its not huge (2 bedroom +den) but its ours. We have enough room to live our lives as a family, invite people over and take care of ours needs. I love the location and I wake up every day to a beautiful view of the mountains. How can I not be grateful for that?

I'm thankful for my family (immediate and extended.) There is just something so special about people you are related to (by blood or marriage.) You know they are there for you if you really need something. Even though I don't see a lot of them more then once a year, I just want them all to know how special they are to me. I love you guys :)

I'm thankful for my church family and friends. I honestly can't picture my life without that amazing group of people. They are my support, my encouragement and a group of people who always want what's best for me in every way. And they pray for me - that's pretty incredible.

I'm thankful for my sons. Noah, my rambunctious 1.5 year old who makes me laugh one moment and want to pull out my hair another. The one who can wake me up in the middle of the night but I can't help but smile when he snuggles into my arms. And I'm thankful for Asher, the little boy currently growing and developing inside my belly. His little kicks and punches bring joy to my heart because it tells me he is doing okay. I love him so much already!

There's a million other things that I'm thankful for too. Little things and moments that make up my day and all add up to this wonderful life. No, I'm not living in a bubble today - life is certainly far from perfect. But today I'm choosing to see the positives!

I'm thankful for the one who makes all these blessings even possible and that's my Heavenly Father. They all come from Him and I would not HAVE life without him.

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