Thursday, 1 November 2012

Our little monster

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! It was a soaking wet one here. Worst Halloween weather in 18 years so I was told. But despite the wet we still had a great evening as a family.

This was Noah's first real Halloween, as last time he was just over two months old and had no idea what was going on. He picked out his own costume back in August and it turned out to be perfect for him. He looked adorable and it kept him cosy, warm and covered from the rain.

We had dinner at my parents first and got Noah dressed and ready to go there. He received some fun mickey mouse Halloween cards from his Nana, Papa & Grandma as well as a bright orange balloon. He seemed to catch onto the concept of Halloween pretty quickly once he saw what was sitting by the front door - candy everywhere!

We hit up about 10 houses or so before my hubby started to complain about the rain. It is a little difficult to trick or treat when you are trying to balance a heavy one year old, a basket, a camera and an umbrella.

We stopped by my cousins to see their sweet little baby boy and family and then lost steam and headed back to Nana & Papas and then home. We brushed Noah's teeth well (not that he really ate much in the way of candy) and then he promptly passed out.

Today however, was not such a good day in Noah's world. After my prenatal appointment Noah received his one year shots; all four of them. I left the room while Nana helped him through it and rewarded him with a chocolate treat after. Hopefully he wont be too sore and will be feeling much better by tomorrow.

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