Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas memories

I'm sitting here, alone in my quiet house while the little one naps upstairs. I just finished watching a Christmas movie all warm and cozy with my feet up.

My mind is wandering, thinking about our family Christmases as a child. For some reason, there are a few things that just stick out so strongly in mind.

I remember standing on the upstairs balcony of my house, next to my bedroom door. It was completely dark except for the lights shining on the garland of the banister. My mom was sitting in her rocking chair in the downstairs living room, pregnant with my little brother Matthew. She was listening to Carol of the Bells and quietly rocking back and forth in the darkness. I wonder what she was thinking about. For some reason, that moment in my memory feels so magical that I wish I could relive it.

Another one that stands out was a repeating occurrence on Christmas Eve. We always went to my Grandma & Grandpa Creamore's around 4pm to open our gifts from them. For whatever reason, I always think of the fact that we would have a glass of Pepsi and eat rippled chips with French onion dip. It was tradition. Even to this day, though my grandpa has passed on and my grandma no longer lives in that apartment, I still think of that. And I always find myself craving that glass of Pepsi and those chips. Odd isn't it?

Another? Pjs. I remember getting a new set of pajamas every Christmas Eve. It was so special because I always felt pretty and cozy when I went to bed that night.

There are many more, but I just felt like sharing a few if those moments with you. I hope I can recreate moments like that with our children. Memories that aren't all about getting the best or most expensive gift. Memories of special times with family. Because those are the moment that stick with us forever.

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