Friday, 23 November 2012

Hello Christmas Tree!

Last night Matt and I, with some 'help' from Noah, put up our Christmas tree. He wanted to be involved in every moment! We followed daddy downstairs to get the box, he stood right next to daddy as he pulled out the pieces and even climbed underneath the tree while daddy hooked things up. And when the lights came out, boy oh boy was that exciting. Once all the lights were strung and we turned it all on, Noah stared at the tree with a big grin and said a whole bunch of words that we couldn't understand. He also grabbed several of his toys and through them under the tree. I don't know if he actually understands that toys will be under the tree or if he just thought that was a cool spot to put them. But I try to never underestimate my child, because I kind of think he is a smarty pants (don't we all think that of our children?)

Tonight we are having a few friends over to 'trim the tree' and make it look all pretty. It's the first time I've had people over in a long time because my house has been a disaster. I'm really looking forward to it! I'll be sure to post a few photos of the finished product.

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