Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Time out!

Well, Noah experienced his first 'time out' yesterday and he was not too happy about it!

He was deliberately disobeying both Matt and I so our little toddler found himself sitting on the bottom stair in our kitchen. He didn't understand at first and automatically got up to walk away, but I repeatedly plopped him down on that step and told him he needed to sit. After about 30 seconds (with alot of screaming) he slouched his whole body, drooped his head down and just sat sniffling. He was only there for a minute (going with the amount of time based on age method) and before he got up I explained to him why he was there.

It wasn't fun for either of us, but he totally understood and was a good boy after until he went to bed. Yes! Success!

Thanks to all those who suggested different ideas. It's always nice to hear what other mommies are doing :)

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