Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The cloth diaper experimentation

Diapers and inserts!
Starting tomorrow I plan to do a 'trial run' with cloth diapers. I have been absorbing information via the Internet through both articles, message boards and you tube videos and am hoping that if this goes well to switch to using cloth at home. Unless I am blown away by the performance of cloth I will more then likely still use disposable for vacations or when I am out running errands during the day.

My main reason for considering the switch is cost. With my maternity leave being over and me not returning to work, we have definitely noticed the loss of extra income, and baby expenses really add up! Between diapers, diaper genie refills, wipes and formula we are spending at over $200 a month on 'Noah' stuff. Ouch!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my biggest concern with doing cloth is how much extra work it would add to the changing process as well as potential leaks. After talking with several cloth mommas as well as meeting with a cloth 'rep' I have been able to cross one of those issues off my list. I am liking the pocket style diapers as they wont require much extra work during a diaper change. They simply need to be stuffed with a liner after washing and then it's no different then grabbing a disposable from my pile and putting it on. As for leaks - that's what this test run is for.

Noah in a BumGenius diaper
My cousin is planning to go cloth with her next child and has generously lent me her (so far) supply of 12 or so pocket diapers and I have purchased two of my own. The brands I will be using are BumGenius and Tender Tushies. BumGenius is a well known brand, on the more expensive side at $18-25 and is a one size diaper, good for somewhere between 8 and 35 pounds. Tender Tushies are a local to Vancouver company, priced around $9-12, also one size diaper 8-35 pounds. Both are a snaps style, although the Tender Tushies have hip snaps for extra fit which I love.

Noah in a Tender Tushies diaper
I did also try a rumparooz brand on Noah and instantly didn't like it. The fit was too snug for my big baby and it was incredibly bulky. I like the BumGenius and Tender Tushies because of the trim fit. When I tried them on Noah you couldn't even really tell he was wearing cloth once his pants were on.

Today is washing/prep day. They suggest you wash your cloth diapers a few times before using to build up absorbency, especially if you are using a bamboo insert. I hope to post a review at the end of each day to let you know how its going. It'll be a totally honest review, as I have not committed to doing cloth yet. I am only interested in switching if it actually works well for me.

I'll let you know :)


  1. We love using cloth! Let me know if you have any questions....I've done tons of research! :)


  2. I can't wait to hear how it goes! My sister has cloth diapered her 4 kids and loves it, but I've never really been interested until now. I'm looking forward to an unbiased review!

  3. if you do end up loving, try the brand "giggle life" - that's what we use and we LOVE them. They're one size, pocket diapers, and they're far more cost effective than bum genuis, with the same job done, in my opinion. Oh, and for poopy diapers, you can either use liners or get a diaper sprayer. (I meant to mention that in your last cloth post). I had a sprayer, but it didn't work with my toilet (leaked all over the place), so right now we use liners, which work okay, but aren't ideal.

    Good luck!