Sunday, 15 July 2012

Life without cable TV

It's been over a month now since we've axed cable TV from our lives. I can't remember if I ever mentioned what we did to replace it so I will fill you in quickly. We bought Apple TV and we took our monthly bill from $80 a month to $8 by just having Netflix.

Here is what I've noticed.

The TV isn't on nearly as much as it use to be. I confess, I was the one most likely to turn on the TV and watch random things. And with our Apple TV I can now easily stream things like Ellen, Dr. Phil or for the most part whatever else is available on cable. But I just haven't bothered. If I do watch something during the day when I am home with Noah, it is usually an episode of Little House on the Prairie - which I am really enjoying!

Also, Matt and I watch more things together. We have a couple of older series on Netflix that we are enjoying and we will pick one each evening to watch together. Previously with cable, he had his shows and I had mine. One of us would end up going somewhere else in the house while the other watched their show. It's nice to be together!

I feel out of the loop! People talk about things they saw on the news, a commercial or a sporting event and I have no idea what they are talking about. The words, "Oh, we don't have cable" feel silly even leaving my mouth. Granted, we do occasionally stream national news with the Apple TV but I find it awfully depressing and don't really like to watch it.

We go to bed earlier. We don't stay up super late to begin with, but after our episode we usually head upstairs and read. Nothing like a good night sleep!

So the big question, do I miss it? Sure, a bit; mainly TLC. But then I think about how stupid half the stuff I was watching was anyhow and how much time I've wasted and I get over it pretty quickly.

Ultimately I think it was a good choice for our family.

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