Thursday, 26 July 2012

cloth diapers - day 2

7:30am - I gotta say, waking up and seeing that Noah had made it all night without a leak in his cloth diaper gave me a little thrill. I figured there was absolutely no way the diaper would hold up, but was pleasantly surprised. It makes me happy because it means one less time we will have to use disposables. Now it's looking like disposables would only be used on vacation or when I am out of the house alot in a day (and that's not because I am worried about leaks - it's because I don't want to carry around the soiled diaper in my bag.)
As for the rash he had last night, it appears to pretty much be gone. I noticed this morning while playing with Noah on the floor that he is popping his 7th tooth. Explains the recent cranky mood, messy poops and potentially the rash!

Oh, another note. Because I only have about 12 diapers for this trial I had to wash the ones I used last night. Wanted to share that there were zero stains on the diapers, and I took an extra good look at the ones that had gotten really messy! I use Norwex laundry soap.

8:00am - Poopy diaper, not a big deal. Just dumped the contents in the toilet and through the diaper into the wash.

1:00pm - Noah is up from his nap in a double stuffed diaper - no leaks. So far he has gone through about 3 cloth diapers today. I put him in a disposable because I was going out for the rest of the afternoon. Want to hear something ironic? Noah pooped in his disposable diaper and it leaked... on my shirt. Lovely. I just thought it was hilarious that Noah never leaks in a disposable and he just happens to do it during my cloth trail.

8:00pm - Noah just went to sleep (late for him - but we went for a nice long walk) and I put him in a double stuffed over night diaper. It is so hot in our place that he is going to sleep in just that and a tshirt. Couldn't do that with a velcro diaper (disposable or cloth) because Noah knows how to take them off.

I realise I didn't do nearly as much journaling today as I did yesterday. Honestly, cloth diapering has already become second nature to me and I really didn't think about it that much. When Matt and I were putting Noah to bed we had a discussion about how the last two days went. You must remember that we were both very sceptical about the idea of cloth diapering and immediately shot down the idea when it was suggested to us. So, after this test run, would it be yay or nay to cloth diapering?
Was changing his diaper more complicated? Not really no. We just grab a cloth instead of a disposable and it takes the same amount of time to put on.
Did we have to touch poop all the time? No. When he did poop, which is usually two or three times a day, it usually just fell right into the toilet. Sometimes I had to do a rinse but it never took more then a minute to do.
Did the diapers leak? Not once in the two days we used them. However, I think if we used a diaper that didn't have hip snaps this would have been more likely. Well done Tender Tushies!
Would it save us money? Absolutely. We hope to have several more children and spending $100 a month on disposable diapers and genie refills adds up to alot of money over time. We have been using tender tushies diaper and they run between $9-12 a diaper. So for $250 we could have about 24 diapers that will last us several years. Definite savings - especially if the diapers last more then one child!

So our decision? We plan to cloth diaper while at home. I may eventually end up a hardcore cloth momma who does it all the time. But for now I like the idea of not having to carry around a soiled cloth diaper in the mall or having to do laundry while on vacation. And I do feel really good about throwing a diaper in the laundry instead of in the garbage. That's money I'll never see it again; even if it is only 25 cents a piece.


  1. hey, thanks for sharing! you definitely address some of my concerns, and i love reading about this topic from someone with a similar perspective to me (already a die-hard disposable user hehe).

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  3. Hi Carolyn! I just got your lovely comment on my blog today.... thank you so much!
    I have been cloth diapering for over 3 years now, and haven't looked back. I even simultaneously cloth diapered 2 boys at once, wee Amos after he came home from the hospital and our then 18-19 month old Jacob.

    As for using cloth while out? Well, get a fantastic wet bag - mine are all from planet wise and they are fan-flipping-tastic... only if it's a HUGE stinky unrinsed poopy diaper do I notice a lingering scent once the dipe is in the bag. It honestly makes using cloth everywhere so incredibly easy and then I never ever have to worry about buying disposables again! Woo hoo! (and now that we're expecting baby #5, not only do I wish I had known how fantastic and easy cloth was with the 1st two, but having 3 babies go through cloth, well... the savings just become astronomical!)
    Nice to "meet" you! :)

  4. I had to delete my previous comment because it was riddled with typos... :P