Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dental sedation success

I wrote in a previous post a few months back about my strong fear and anxiety when it came to going to the dentist. I don't like people poking around in my mouth and it makes me feel very claustrophobic having to get any work done.

I switched dentists after my husband and I got married and really love where we go. They offer alot of more complicated procedures that most dentists don't like whitening, braces, molding, extractions, skin grafts and of course, sedation. They are also literally a 3 minute drive from our house.

In case you don't know what conscience sedation is, it is where they give you a pill about an hour before your procedure (in office) and have you hooked up to a heart rate monitor and a blood pressure cuff. When the drugs start to kick in you get drowsy and relaxed, some people even go to sleep. And the best part is that you barely remember what has happened the next day.

Over the past 2 months I have gone under dental sedation twice to get a whole bunch of work done that has been needed for years but that I have been neglecting. The first time was getting my two wisdom teeth done on the right side, and yesterday I had my other two wisdom teeth removed, plus a crowded tooth and a large filling re-done. The work took about two hours but it felt more like 15 minutes. The only thing I remember from my appointment yesterday was when they pulled one of my wisdom teeth since it didn't come out as easily as the others. No pain, just alot of pressure. I also remember thinking my heart rate monitors constant beeping was really funny.

Someone has to escort you home after these procedures and stay with you all day. Both times I have just slept off the drugs and felt fine by the evening. I have also been lucky that both times have caused no swelling and barely a need for drugs.

Did I mention that it isn't all that expensive either? If I were to have gotten my wisdom teeth removed at the hospital it would have cost me over a grand. For all the work I have done in the last two appointments its been just under $500. Awesome!

I can definitely say that the sedation has helped me with my fear of the dentist! I still don't enjoy going, but yesterday my anxiety levels before the procedure were so much smaller then before. And as far as clinics go, the dentists, hygienists and office staff are really wonderful!

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