Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cloth diapers - Day 1

I'm going to do these entries in a journal style. It's just easier for me to write as I go otherwise I will totally forget stuff.

10:30pm (night before) - After the required washings I dumped all my diapers and microfiber inserts on my bed and began to stuff. The bamboo inserts still require another wash before using so I won't be using those tomorrow. It really didn't take me long to do and just felt like any other laundry. It helps that the diapers are so cute too. So basically, no big deal. Doing this every few days wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

7:00am - Got Noah up and put him into his first cloth diaper. Didn't take long since it was already stuffed (single). I found myself giving too much thought to what colour diaper I was going to put on him but soon realized that he was going to end up wearing at least half of them today anyways. As cute as they are, most of the time they will be covered up. But since it's hot today I'm going to let him run around in just the diaper and a t-shirt.
I did put a disposable liner on the top of his cloth diaper in case he poops. Found it really annoying to place as it doesn't fasted or attach at all. Kind of doubting how well it will stay in place.

9:00am - Checked Noahs diaper and he pooped. Must note that unlike a disposable I couldn't even smell it! That's a nice bonus, although I need to make sure I check him frequently as I don't want him to end up sitting in it for a long period of time. How do you know when a cloth diaper is wet?
As predicted, the liner wasn't nearly in the same place as it was when I placed it on top of the pocket. Since he peed it had scrunched all up and only half of the poop was sitting on it.
Put a new diaper on Noah (double stuffed for upcoming nap) and took the diaper to the toilet. Turned it inside out and SCORE! Straight into the toilet. Yes, I actually found myself saying 'score' outloud, haha. It was a very easy clean up and there was barely a mark on the diaper. I can see cloth being an easy clean up when your kids are eating solids.

12:00pm - Noahs up from his nap. No leaks! Yay! New diaper on; single stuffed with disposable liner on top. My mom suggested tucking the top of the disposable liner into the back pocket.

12:30pm - Well, I was thankful for that disposable liner. Messy diaper but easy clean up due to that liner (the tucking into back pocket seemed to help too!) Flushed the mess and rinsed the diaper for all of 10 seconds. Little bit of stain on the inside part of diaper. Will see how well those wash out. New diaper on, single stuffed. Going to try the rest of the day without the disposable liners to see how it goes.

4:30pm - Two more diaper changes down, still no leaks or smell. I'm getting better at noticing when he is wet because the butt starts to look a little saggy. I have also noticed that after I pull out the insert it's totally soaked but the diaper itself remains very dry. Nice to know that the wetness is being absorbed into the pocket liner and not sitting against his skin at all. Current thoughts on cloth diapering? This isn't nearly as much work as I thought It'd be.

Noah had some visitors this afternoon :)

7:30pm - Noah is down for the night. He had his third poopy diaper of the day this evening and it was another messy one. I didn't have a liner in and it certainly wasn't going to pop right off into the toilet. Had to do a bit of scrubbing which grossed out my husband. Noticed Noah had a bit of a rash on his bum which could be due to a few things. He could be allergic to the material in the diaper, it could be a reaction to a new food today (nectarines - he had a small rash around his mouth too), or he could have had that messy poop against his skin for longer then I realized. It's hard to say what it was so for now we will carry on and see how it is tomorrow. He went to bed in a double stuffed diaper and I am hoping it will hold everything in for the night!

So, my over all thoughts on the day was that it went pretty well. I didn't find that using cloth diapers added any extra work to my routine. Noah didn't really notice the difference and it felt good to throw a diaper in the wash as opposed to the garbage. I'm really hoping the rash isn't due to the diaper, because I am definitely leaning towards doing cloth diapers while at home!

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