Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fun & busy weekend

We had a fun and busy weekend full of socializing, sunshine and BBQ food. It's Tuesday and I am still exhausted from it. Seriously... I napped yesterday in the afternoon and was in bed by 9pm.

Saturday we spent time with my parents and brothers. Ever since Matt and I got married we eat at their place at least once on the weekends. Usually it's Sundays after church, but when it's sunny out we end up over their alot more to enjoy the backyard. Noah especially loves all the attention and playtime with his family.

Nana, Noah and Grandpa

Noah loves to be chased and to tackle


Me and my man!
Sunday after church and Noahs nap we met up with some friends at our local pool to escape the heat and cool off. It was Noahs first time at a public swimming pool (other then on vacation) and he had a blast splashing around with his friend Lorelai.

Getting ready to head to the pool. Sorry, didnt take my camera IN the pool.

Following our swim we had another BBQ back at our place. Lorelai and Noah were chasing after eachother on the floor and having a blast. Little chaotic, but hey, that's life these days and it's only going to get crazier! Have I mentioned that our group is expecting two more little ones in the not too distant future?

Tamara & Jason are expecting their first child sometime around the end of December.

And little Lorelai is going to be a big sister early next year!

Noah just can't wait to have more buddies to play with!

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