Monday, 2 July 2012

Early birthday presents

Today Noah received some early birthday presents in the mail from his Grandmaman who sadly lives far away in Ontario. It was his first ever birthday present and he was very excited to go through everything and get a good look at it.

His favorite part of the gift? His Mickey Mouse birthday card. It took me a good 5 minutes to pry it out of his hands so he could open the actual present.

In case you werent aware of it, my son drools an insane amount. If he doesnt wear some kind of bib to soak it up he gets a wicked rash on his neck that itches and irritates him to no end. We bought several bibs from a local woman in Langley (to check our her business page go HERE ) and loved them. But we can't really afford to buy say 15 of them. I don't sew, but my wonderful mother in law does and she went ahead and made Noah 10 more bibs to use. They turned out beautifully and look adorable!

 "Thank you so much for all the gifts Grandmaman! I love them all!" - Noah

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