Friday, 1 June 2012

Saying Goodbye to cable

After my last post my hubby and I got to talking about our current TV situation and have decided to cut our cable. There are several factors that went into this decision.

1. Cable is expensive. We really only watch about 5 stations but are paying for way more thanks to the wonderful bundle systems that all the cable companies do now. If we could pick and pay for exactly what we want only, then we would probably keep it.

2. Were paying for alot of junk! There are some really inappropriate and just plain stupid things on TV these days.

3. Having cable makes it really easy to just turn on the TV and watch things that I ordinarily wouldn't bother with. How many times have you said, "There is nothing on TV..." and yet it stays on and you watch something that totally bores you anyway.

I know that I am going to go through a major adjustment period with this. I have always had cable and I am pretty use to just flicking it on our of habit. It'll be much easier for my husband, who grew up without it.

Before you think we are being all crazy drastic... I will tell you what our new plan is.
After much research and suggestions from other friends we have decided to buy the Apple TV this weekend. This way, our absolute favourite shows can still be watched via Itunes (there is only 3 shows we regularly watch and they are all availible this way.) Thanks to my ipad we would have the option of also streaming anything onto our TV through station apps such as CBC and Global. We are also planning to subscribe to NetFlix mostly because of the large amount of family content that is available on it.

Going this route will be saving us almost $60 a month... pretty substantial in our books!

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