Saturday, 23 June 2012

Noah 10 months pictures

I had some fun taking pictures of Noah yesterday in our living room. I don't know much of anything when it comes to photography, but I do know that we get pretty decent light in there and I enjoy pulling out the camera and snapping away. One of these days Id like to take some kind of course to learn the functions of my camera *cough*Louise??*cough* cause I do not learn well from instruction manuals. I hate reading them and I usually forget within a day or so what it was that I read. I could also use a good portrait/close up lens. I have a nice zoom lens so I use that for just about everything, but my pictures often end up being a bit blurry because I'm not steady enough to zoom in well. Ah well, 3rd world problems eh?

But anyways, rant over, here is our little guy at 10 months old!


  1. So cute! I will get on a some point! As for being a bit blurry, you can always move closer to him (rather than zooming so much) or have him closer to the window. Also, for stability, you can always rest your camera on a solid surface too. I love his huge eyes and the tufts of curly hair!

    1. Thanks for the tips Louise! Greatly appreciate it :)