Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What happened to 'family' entertainment?

I feel slightly apprehensive about what I am writing, so I am going to start by saying this in hopes that I dont offend anyone.
This is not targeted at anybody. Its something I personally struggle with and these thoughts have been bouncing around in my head for the last little while and I wanted to share them.

I really enjoy movies and TV shows. I enjoy having a good laugh, being moved to tears and just turning my brain off for a while to be entertained. But is it just me or are things going more and more down hill all the time as far as morals??

Yes, I am a Christian and with that comes certain beliefs. There are things that God has said through his word (the Bible) that I (speaking for myself here) should be avoiding. And just because I am a Christian in no way means that its an easy thing to do! Far from it!

But I am also thinking of this from another perspective, and that's as a parent. Even If I wasn't a Christian I would hope that I would be careful of what my children are being exposed to. As a mom, I am responsible to bring my children up in a safe and healthy environment. I have to lead by example. If they see me doing, saying or watching something then in reality, they will think its okay for them to do. And would I be okay if my children watched media or spoke the way I do?

When I was a kid, shows like Saved by the Bell were considered borderline inappropriate. And that was only because the girls would show off their belly buttons from time to time. Back when my parents were kids, you wouldn't see a husband and wife in the same bed on a TV show. 15-20 years ago, things like cursing, nudity and gory violence were a rare thing. You could find them if you really wanted to, but they weren't in regular programming. Now they are everywhere!
Families use to watch shows like Little House on the Prairie, Americas Funniest Home Videos and Full House. I hope many still do.
But here is where my annoyance comes in with the media. Why is there such a lack of family friendly entertainment being made? Yes, there are the 'kids' stations with clean cartoons and programming and every now and then a films comes out that is awesome and clean. But I am talking about your average television shows and movies. If you look at the local theatre listings, on average you will see one film at a time that is meant for families. And it still usually has a PG rating. How often do we see G rated movies? Is it because our children have become so desensitised that a G film isn't entertaining enough anymore? That's a huge problem! How do we fix that?

I can honestly say that I don't know what the answer is. I said it before and Ill say it again, I enjoy my TV and movies. And I am not about to pull the plug on my cable or vow to see G rated films only for the rest of my life. Because I know it wont happen. I wouldnt be watching anything anymore. And there is some good clean entertainment still out there to be seen.

But maybe I do need to raise my standards and listen to my conscience more when something (or should I say someone) is telling me that this is junk and I need to shut it off. Because I know I have chosen to ignore that. There are some shows I watch now that I probably need to just let go of.
Not just because I am a Christian. But because I am also a parent.

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