Monday, 4 June 2012

We have a crawler!

Happy Monday morning to you all!

It hurt getting up this morning. Funny how Mondays still feel like Mondays even when you are a stay at home and never get to sleep in anyways. But I had my coffee, listened to an uplifting podcast on my apple TV from Focus on the Family and already got some cleaning done. Great start to the day!

I totally forgot to mention a milestone in our little Noah's life last week. He is crawling! My parents were babysitting him last Tuesday and when we came to pick him up they said, 'So hes crawling eh?' and we were a bit surprised. Sure enough, next morning he was all over the place. Its nice having him able to get to all his toys on his own but oh man is the word 'no' being used alot! He is into everything now and although our house is fairly baby proofed we still have some things to secure better.

Here's a little video of some of his first crawling moments.

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