Saturday, 5 May 2012

Noah meets some fishies

Today Matt and I decided to have a 'family day' and took Noah on his first trip to the Aquarium; just the three of us. It was alot of fun but man were we exhausted afterwards! Funny, I don't remember being tired like this in Disneyland. It must have been the small walking areas and teeny tiny bathrooms that made it feel more claustrophobic. They could really use a bit of renovations for such a popular Vancouver attractions.

We took Noah to the Dolphin show first, stupidly thinking it would be a great introduction. We had a great viewing spot; right in front of where they would jump! Our bad. They were way too close for Noah's comfort and we ended up leaving the area in about 10 minutes. Dolphins are just too fast and too unpredictable for a 9 month old!

We decided to opt for something a little more slow moving and took him down to see the Belugas. Definitely more his style. He loved sitting and watching them swim while Daddy & Mommy ate some lunch.

We then set off to enjoy all the other tanks and exhibits the Aquarium had to offer. Noah loved leaning in close to get a good look at everything.

By the way... he did end up enjoying his second viewing of the Dolphin show... from the underground viewing area. Better luck next time.

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  1. Hi Carolyn, I finally found out how to find you... how nice to discover your own blog! I enjoyed reading about your wedding story, I kind of remember that going on. I didn't know you had a baby boy now... Noah is so adorable. Congratulations! I love little boys... :)Susan