Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sunny day fun

The Bechards had a GREAT day today.

It started out very well (at least for me.) I was treated to a bit of extra time lounging in bed while my husband got up with Noah, fed him and prepared me breakfast. Felt like Mothers Day all over again. But nope, my husband is just that awesome.

But Noah had an extra great day. He experienced several firsts due to the beautiful hot weather we had.

His first Popsicle! Daddy was kind enough to share his with him. After one lick, Noah was hooked.

We had Noah outside playing on our deck and decided to let him check out his new splash pool. There isn't much Noah loves more then splashing water all over the place. And bonus, the pool cost us $2.00!

It didn't take long before Noah decided that simply splashing wasn't enough. So we stripped him down and in he went for a good half an hour. He had a blast!

At the end of the day, Daddy and Noah did some playing under a blanket tent. He wasn't totally sure what to think about it - but his musical toys sure lit up brightly under there!

Another first? Hes got a new word. Yesterday after reading a book that had a picture of Winnie the Pooh eating honey and saying 'Yum Yum' Noah started saying 'Um um um' when he eats something he likes. What a cutie pie!

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