Thursday, 24 May 2012

The great Facebook purge

I'm not the only one who does this right?

Every now and then I go through my facebook friends list and do some 'purging' if you will. I'm not trying to be mean, honest. In fact the only reason I have so many people on there in the first place is because I am trying to be nice and not exclude someone who adds me.

But every now and then I think to myself - would I actually talk to this person if I ran into them somewhere? Or would it be one of the super awkward situations where you both know you see each other but intentionally don't make contact because of the super awkward conversation you would probably have.

And then there are the people that I do know and probably would talk to if I ran into them, but I just don't like the junk they post or the language that I am forced to see on my news feed every time I sign on. That's not the kind of stuff I want circulating in my brain all day long.

So I am really sorry if you are one of the 45 people I just deleted... Its nothing personal... its just that I don't 'know' you anymore.

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