Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Transition to table foods?

I have a question for other mommies out there. I cant seem to find a real concrete answer on when is a good time to start giving your child table foods. My doctor suggests to waiting until almost a year - but I am not exactly sure what his definition of 'almost' is.

Noah is over 9 months now and I'm wondering if I should be giving him something other then strained foods and formula. I know formula/breast milk should be his main source of nourishment still, but shouldn't he be practising how to pick up foods and feed himself at this point? I guess I have a fear of my child being behind just because I as a mommy screwed up haha. I am also terrified of him choking! Oh, and he does have 6 teeth at this point if that factors in at all.

Its just hard because I have read a million different things. No table foods til actively crawling. No table foods til teeth. Table foods at 6 months. Table foods at a year.

HELP! What did you do/are you doing? What kind of foods did you start with? What has your experience been at 9 months of age?

... I just really want Noah to be able to dive into his birthday cupcake in 3 months...

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  1. I hadn't heard that you're supposed to wait so Cyrus has been eating table food with us for months now. Cyrus will often be ready for his meals before we are, but giving him table food is a great way to keep him occupied at the dinner table with us and it gives us a chance to enjoy our own meal. Cyrus eats small bits of just about everything we're eating. That way he also learns textures and tastes.